Gardasil Lawsuits

The biggest story in medical history right now involves Gardasil lawsuits. GARDASIL is approved for women as young as nine years old to stop the transmission of some sexually transmitted strains of the HPV, or human papilloma virus, which cause cervical cancer. At the time, Merck, the pharmaceutical company that developed Gardasil, claimed that Gardasil could in fact prevent cervical cancer, as well. However, Merck was not telling the whole story, and as a result several women have filed lawsuits against Merck, alleging they obtained defective products from Merck, and later suffered serious injuries as a result. The New York Times has reported that Gardasil has been linked to the development of precancerous cells in the pelvis. A number of other lawsuits are pending in courts across the country.

It is unclear exactly what Merck did wrong, or if it was in fact negligent.

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has not yet taken responsibility for the lawsuits. Many people have criticized Merck for creating a huge public health issue with its decision to market Gardasil, and its subsequent decision to place the vaccine on the shelf for a long period of time while testing it for safety. However, a large number of mothers have received Gardasil shots, and unlike many lawsuits, these claims are based on real life accounts.

One of the main reasons why there are so many gardasil lawsuits is that the Gardasil manufacturer was unable to provide clear warnings about the risks of Gardasil to potential users.

Several health officials believe that the major manufacturers have failed to inform people about the risks associated with the product. Even more shocking is that despite the knowledge of the danger, there were still thousands of people who took the vaccine despite the health officials’ warnings. Furthermore, even after the initial introduction of Gardasil into the United States, there were still a significant number of adverse events reported. These reports from consumers like you are being used by the courts to test the safety of Gardasil and determine whether or not it should be removed from the marketplace.

Other countries have also had their share of gardasil lawsuits, as patients there have alleged that the vaccine caused them cancer or other serious illnesses.

A recent study conducted in Canada by researchers from Toronto’s Dr. Joseph D’Amico’s Center for Drug Evaluation, Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute, and the University of Toronto suggests that a substance found in Gardasil, known as lamoxiazepine, may also cause tumors in some individuals. This study is currently undergoing peer-review at an independent academic organization.

In addition to the meritorious claims made by individual patients, there is another category of Gardasil lawsuits, also referred to as class action suits, in which numerous unidentified individuals filed as personal injury lawsuits against GlaxoSmithKline.

Class action suits fall under a category of law known as wrongful death, in which several plaintiffs allege that they were injured due to the Gardasil vaccine, and that they have substantial monetary damages as a result. As noted above, there are many class action suits, which, like the aforementioned Canadian study, have alleged that Gardasil causes tumors. However, other class action lawsuits, such as in the United Kingdom, focus on claims of failure to warn. There is also a different type of Gardasil lawsuit in which an individual claims for compensation for loss of future earnings, as well as emotional distress.

While there is no proof that Gardasil vaccine is unsafe, there have been many tragic stories of injuries and deaths attributed to this vaccine.

It is essential that all parents and anyone considering having this vaccine should learn more about Gardasil lawsuits before making a final decision on whether or not to purchase the vaccine. It is also important to remember that even though there have been very few reported deaths associated with the Gardasil vaccine, there have also been an overwhelming number of reported cases of adverse reactions and other symptoms. In the case of Gardasil, it is crucial that those considering these types of lawsuits understand both the benefits of Gardasil and the risks of these lawsuits.

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