GE Retirees Suit – What You Should Know About This Lawsuit

GE retired workers should pick up new health care by January 1, the deadline set forth in a new lawsuit filed against the company by GE retiree’s groups. The lawsuit calls on GE to make the necessary changes to its current health care plan to allow them to remain on a defined benefit plan.

The lawsuit seeks to ensure that GE does not drop coverage in the future and allows GE retiree’s to continue the benefits that have been promised to them through their employment with the company. GE employees are facing the possibility of losing their health insurance coverage as part of a planned switch to a new health care plan that is being implemented under the Obama Administration.

Retired GE workers have been told that the switch is not yet complete and that they will be provided the same health benefits that they currently receive. Retirees are worried that this new system will not provide them with the same level of health care and services that they had in the past. The lawsuit is asking GE to either extend the current defined benefit plan or create a new one for them to remain on.

The lawsuit seeks to ensure that GE makes the necessary changes to its plans for current employees. Retirees say that the change is a corporate ploy to force them to choose between receiving adequate medical care and staying employed. Retirees must decide soon whether or not they will remain covered by GE by January 1, the deadline set forth in a lawsuit filed against the company by GE retiree’s groups. The lawsuit asks GE to make the necessary changes to its current health care plans to allow them to stay on a defined benefit plan, which offers them better coverage than the current plan they are covered by.

GE says that the switch will provide retirees with a better plan and allow them to receive better care. Retirees have a lot of concerns about the current plan and they are asking GE to address them and make the necessary changes to ensure their safety and security. The lawsuit is seeking to make sure that the company provides them with the coverage that is necessary to be able to afford the plan that is currently offered to them.

GE is not the only company facing this lawsuit. Other large corporations, including United Healthcare and Aetna, are facing similar lawsuits. Retirees throughout the country and around the world have been trying to determine what plans are available for them and whether or not they can retain coverage through these companies.

The lawsuit filed by GE retirees groups is part of a nationwide movement that is calling on Congress to pass a law that would ensure the continuation of the coverage that the companies are offering to their retirees. These lawsuits are calling on President Obama to help stop the switch. GE claims that the change is designed to give employees and retirees peace of mind while the company continues to invest money in research and development. If the lawsuit is successful, GE’s attorneys believe that the government would be forced to agree to continue the policy.

Many companies have stated publicly that they will be willing to work with any retiree’s group who wishes to file this lawsuit and that the changes that have been proposed will not affect them. It is the obligation of the plaintiffs to bring this matter to the attention of the appropriate parties. In this case, the lawsuit is working with the Office of Special Counsel who will investigate the lawsuit and make any necessary changes to the lawsuit so that the lawsuit can be approved by the courts.

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