Honda Defective Paint Class Action Lawsuit

The Honda defective paint class action suit is being brought against all Honda car owners in California and New York who own a model year 2020 to 2020 Honda cars. It’s seeking damages and claims sustained by all Class Members and personal injury compensation for breach of manufacturer warranty and breach of implied warranty as well as unfair competition laws. The lawsuit was filed last year but the class has not yet been certified.

Honda Defective Paint Class Action Lawsuit

The plaintiffs’ lawsuit seeks compensation to replace the Honda defective paint because it was not warranted by the manufacturers’ warranty. However, the Honda manufacturer failed to provide the owner’s any evidence that their car’s paint was defective. Since the defect was not noticed or discovered by Honda, the company is liable for the accident and injury that resulted from it.

As the owner of one of the Honda cars involved in the accident, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the Honda manufacturer. If you are one of the thousands of Honda owners who own one of these cars, you will be eligible to join the class action suit. If you think that your car was the cause of the accident and injuries, you can seek the compensation that you deserve.

The Honda defective paint class action lawsuit seeks damages to replace the damaged parts and materials in the Honda’s defective paint.

You have the right to receive monetary compensation for the loss of money and the pain and suffering you have endured because of the accident and its resulting injuries. If you feel that you have been injured because of faulty materials, you can take advantage of the class action suit.

If you own a Honda car and are still under the warranty, you might want to consider going back to the manufacturer to request for an exchange. Your Honda might have been sold to someone else and the company might be unaware of the problem with the paint. There is no law that requires car manufacturers to replace defective parts so they may not know what to do. If you purchase a new Honda, you can get your money back without having to deal with a defective product.

If you purchased the car used and are not covered by the manufacturer, you can bring the car to the dealership and ask for it to be repaired. but this will cost you more than the original price of the car. Since you are filing the class action suit, you can get the money back without having to pay for repairs.

The Honda defect was due to something called hydro-carbons which are produced by the brake pads when they come into contact with water and dirt. Some of these materials are harmful. When the paint dries, these hydro-carbons build up on the surface and can cause it to crack and chip.

If you are a Honda owner, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately after reading this article. The attorneys at the law firm below represent many cases of personal injury such as these.

You should contact your personal injury attorney, if you feel that you were the victim of a Honda defective paint class action lawsuit. He or she can help you with determining whether or not you should file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your car and if there might be a way to get damages from them for your injuries.

If you feel that you have a case against your Honda, then you should contact the law firm of the attorneys listed above immediately. They will review the case with the manufacturer of the car and will tell you whether or not you should go forward with the lawsuit or not. Should they determine that you do have a case, then they will discuss with you what your options are going forward.

In most cases, you will be asked to sign a written agreement with the personal injury attorney before they proceed with the case. These documents outline all of the details of the case and how it will be settled. If the personal injury attorney believes that you have a valid claim against the manufacturer of the car, they will present this to the manufacturer. This will help the manufacturer to fight back against your lawsuit.

In the majority of cases, a Honda manufacturer will be willing to settle out of court, rather than going to trial. If they agree to the settlement, then the case will be dismissed and you will not have to face a jury trial. Once the case has been dismissed, you will receive your fair settlement in which you will not have to pay the entire amount of the lawsuit.

32 thoughts on “Honda Defective Paint Class Action Lawsuit

  1. My 2008 Honda Civic is having the peeling paint issue as of 2019, my claim was denied due to the extended warranty offered had expired per Honda of CA. My civic was manufactured in Canada where the court ordered Honda to repaint every civic in Canada per a class action lawsuit

    1. How did you know it was mfgd. in Canada? Does that matter? I am in Pennsylvania. There are only suits filed in California and New York. Strange..

    2. Hi Royce do you have a link to the Court judgement? I am in Ontario, Canada, imcluded in a lawsuit since 2019 but received no updates, despite numerous requests (emails and calls). Thanks.

    3. Please join Facebook site Honda Paint Defect Action Group. There are thousands of us there who would like to see a class action suit nationally.

  2. My 2013 Honda civic has the same paint peeling issue and my claim was denied because the Honda warranty had expired as of 2/2020. I was never notified by Honda of the possible defect or was made aware that a warranty existed.

    1. You were supposed to bring it to the dealership. I did 2 months late during COVID and they denied me flat out after they checked how much money I spent at the dealership. I am a mechanic, so I spend for only parts sometimes. Now I’m looking for anything but Hondo Crappo!

  3. I have a 2011 white Honda Pilot and the paint is peeling all over. I’m embarrassed by it. Costs a fortune to get it painted. Love my Honda all but paint.

  4. 2006 Honda odessey white nh578. Paint has failed and now pealing off roof of van between winsheld and sun roof.

  5. I purchased my white 2016 Honda Civic in Nov 2019, w/8,935 miles. Recently I noticed that the paint is peeling off around the rear window. I now have 19,500 miles on the car. I brought my car back to the dealer. A Honda employee admitted that there have been issues with defective white paint on some Hondas. He submitted a claim for the peeling paint. The “Honda” estimate to repair the problem is $2600. Honda came back and said that my car is out of warranty but they agreed to pay for half of the cost. So I have to pay $1300 out of pocket. I don’t have that kind of money! I am now disputing their response to my claim. It’s an uphill battle. There is a ton of information online regarding defective paint on many different models over the years from many customers saying Honda refused to fix the problem free of charge. I just spoke with someone in their customer care call center. He was rude and continually told me that there are ZERO problems with my car including defective paint. That’s a lie and it’s unacceptable.

    1. Hi Laura, Is your Civic aegean blue? i have a 2016 and it’s peeling by the back window also. I’ve made several calls and keep getting “Denied”. I’ve read the issue is cars with 19X vin #’s, that’s mine! How did this play out for you.

  6. Same situation with my 2014 Honda Odyssey and they say my VIN number is not covered and the most they can do is “document my dissatisfaction.” There are nearly 3,000 Members on a FB group all battling this while Honda continues to refuse to help. The FB Group is “Honda Paint Defect Action Group.” Meanwhile, I have a quote of $15,000 to have my van repainted.

  7. I have a pearl white 2014 Honda CRV. The paint on the back of the car at the top of the hatch back is just peeling off all of sudden and heading towards the top of the car. The estimate to fix is over $4000. Called Honda, they said that my car is not part of any recall, however, they would have someone call me back. Thus far no call back, which is funny as they have been calling me almost weekly to try to buy the car back. Started looking online and seeing so many people with this issue and no way to resolve. I keep my cars a long time and I have never had this happen.

  8. I have a 2016 gray honda civic. in 2020 the left inside edge of the back window started peeling. not just the top coat but from the primer. At the time it was just barely out of warranty so Honda made a deal that they’d pay for half and have a 3rd party (who did a wonderful job) repaint that whole panel. my half ended up being around $700 +/- after including the pinstripe it came with.

    Not even a few months later early 2021, the same thing starts happening on the other side. now that it’s even further out of warranty the dealership would still only pay for 1/2. However, it begs the question, how much money do they plan to spend and make me spend to paint each individual panel as the paint starts PEELING off. Even the 3rd party experts agreed this should not be happening, especially with gray paint. At what point are they just going to finally admit my car paint shouldn’t have passed QA and just redo the whole thing to save us all the headache money and time wasted going back and forth with my case!.

    Also, we had taken this up to Honda customer care service. I received one voicemail from an agent who said they’d follow up within 4-6 weeks…never heard from him again. Then I get another voicemail from yet another agent wondering what’s going on…..They really need to get their act together. And since it’s all Honda anyway, I don’t understand why Honda Customer Care has to make me be the middle man with the dealership!?!?

    1. I have a 2013 Honda odyssey they did repair the top of my car that had peeled terribly and now the side of my car is peeling off. I know they only extended the warranty for seven years but I don’t think that’s right defective paint is defective paint.

      1. We have 2013 Odyssey also. Yes that is exactly what happened to us. They fixed top several years ago. But now sides and back are peeling. talked to Honda Service Manager yesterday and today, They say not covered. Would not even try to get their discounted rate through the paint shop ( outside contractor) that does Honda dealer paint jobs. Said it would mess up their paperwork. Cost is very high and not affordable. Help

  9. 2013 Honda Pilot paint peeling off!!! All across the area between windshield & moon roof. Honda dealer gave me the phone to corporate office… wonder what they can do.

  10. My paint is chipping on the roof as well as the door panels near the windows and doors. No one should have to pay 35.000 for a vehicle and the paint is chipping. Honda should work with the customers.

  11. 2012 white Honda Odyssey paint peeling on the roof. Is there a class action suit against Honda for this paint issue that I can join?

    I filed a case with Honda and it was denied. Gerald was the case manager that denied it based on the age of my car and mileage of 93,000. (Which is actually low.) These factors have nothing to do with a defective paint job. The body shop I took my car to for the diagnosis that Honda required said the e-coat was improperly prepared. It was smooth, so the paint did not adhere correctly.

  12. 2012 Honda Pilot with white pearl paint. Roof started peeling in 2018. The dealer painted as a “goodwill” gesture. Then the a pillars started peeling. They agreed to paint those. Now sheet of paint came off of hood. They will not take care of. I wish we would have known this is an ongoing issue and demanded the car get painted when we first noticed. This is ridiculous, Honda knows there obviously have a defect with all these paint issues. I think it’s shameful that they do not stand behind their car and make this right for all their car owners with these issues! Definitely defective work!!!

  13. 2015 Honda Pilot paint peeling in two places. I would like to go after Hondaro have this fixed!!!

  14. My 2006 Honda Accord is having same issues with paint/clear coat peeling and rust on hood, paint peeled above top of all doors, took all magnet from back of trunk with it taking paint off, every time I wash more paint comes off, my car looks horrible… can something be done??

  15. Just found out that the Defective Paint problem is not extended to my VIN number and Honda field rep agreed to pay 75% even though the problem is not covered under Paint Warranty. It may seem reasonable on the face of it, however, this is the second time the paint is blistering on the rear window. The first time was on the opposite side and I agreed to the split. This is the second time it happened and it seems unreasonable for me to have to pay for the defective paint repair plus the cost of a rental car AGAIN. I asked for an appeal process and was told that there was nothing I could do. I could accept the propose split and IF HONDA determines that the location of manufacture of my auto Vin does infact have a manufacturing problem, I could submit for a reimbursement. Needless to say, this was not a satisfying answer since these are trying economic times. Any thoughts?

  16. My daughter still has 2011 pilot and paint is peeling. I know from these sites they had a recall but here is the issue. She missed it because she received no notification. reason being she had a very controlling husband who she divorced in 2021. she has found out that he knew all about it but because it was her car he hid the information and no brags about it. is there anyone who knows what we can do to fix it or any recourse?

  17. My 2013 Honda pilot paint is peeling all over the car. They did repair the hood and roof during the 7 year extended warranty coverage but said the rest of vehicle was not covered. Now the rest of my car is peeling in large sheets all over the body. Any recommendations?

  18. I have a pearl white 2015 Honda CRV. The paint on the back of the car at the top of the hatch back is just peeling . I called the dealership and they told me I was out of warranty and directed me to call Honda America customer care they were no help.

  19. Purchase my 2018 Honda Civic hatchback brand new ! Paint started chipping & peeling off within a year! It’s continuing & im taking it to the dealership now because it’s awful my vehicle doesn’t even have 13,500 miles on it! Was a tried & true Honda fan for 35 yrs … will def be rethinking that on my next purchase! ?

  20. I bought a 2019 civic the paint is completely peeled on both side mirrors and door handles and it’s only getting worse

  21. I have a 2017 Honda Accord and my paint is starting to peel around the rim of the trunk. So far, Honda says that my VIN is not covered by the extended warranty. I believe the warranty is not broad enough to cover all affected cars.

  22. My 2017 Honda Civic is peeling down inside the tiny groove that runs alongside the back windshield. I’ve seen photos posted in other forums of a similar issue. My color is the Ageon Blue color. My local dealership in Missouri where I bought the car sent me to the 1(800) Honda Customer Service folks. They opened a case number and called me back the next day to say (paraphrasing) “we no longer provide financial assistance towards paint repairs but if we open an extended warranty on this item in the future you’ll get a letter in the mail and will be eligible for reimbursement”. I’m in the process of getting quotes – for paint failure at this location, it’s roughly $2k just for the paint and clear coat to be done, and that’s not including the 5 days of rental car I’ll have to eat too. I’ve contacted my state Attorney General office to elevate this issue further in our Consumer Protection unit and encourage others to do the same. Will see how it goes. Fingers crossed I (and others) can get some help. Once I cough up thousands of dollars just for this one small area – how long until it happens again? The way I look at it my resale or trade-in value is already shot regardless if I fix it or if I don’t! Verbal quotes in my area to just repaint the entire car are coming back at $8-10k.

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