I Just Settled All My Lawsuits

I Just Settled All My Cases – And It Feels So Empty Without Me

“I just settled all my lawsuits, what does that mean?” says Debra from New Jersey. “It means I got all my money back and my credit score is good. Now what does that even mean?”

“What does it feel like to know you settled all your lawsuits?”

says Debra. “Like I got a little jump start on my car battery.” “I don’t see how that makes any sense” said Debra from California.

“Debra, do you remember what your heart problem was? Can you tell me what it was?”

said Debra from New Jersey. “How can I get a jump start on a car battery when I just settled all my lawsuits?” “I don’t see how that makes any sense either” said Debra from California. “That makes no sense at all” said Debra from New Jersey.

“Debra,” said Pat from Ohio “we never really thought that much about our kids feeling sad and being like kids, we thought that we had done the right thing.

We never realized that we did anything wrong. I think that it’s good that we’re all settled because we’re getting a little jump start on our lives. It feels so empty without me.”

I just went to the Internet and went to Google and put in quotes.

There are articles like; I just settled all my lawsuits and everybody feels so good and so happy and everybody wants to go Tit. That makes me feel so good. But then I went to Google and there were articles like; Everybody Needs to Settle All their Kids’ Unfair Assaults, so there is hope. And there are lots of articles like; Everybody Wants to Understand the Concept of Settling a Lawsuit, or I just settled all my personal lawsuits and I’m feeling so good and everybody is happy now and we all go Tit.

This just goes to show you what happens when you follow the crowd.

You never think for yourself, you never think for your children, and then it breaks you down and makes you feel like a failure. You’re always looking for something to criticize and make fun of. So, if you want to know what happens when you follow the crowd; don’t do it. Cause we need some good honest comments from real people so that we can all be inspired to do the right thing and not follow the crowd.

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