Information on Walgreen Lawsuits

Recently, Walgreen has come under fire due to the recalls of recalled drugs, as well as other legal actions. This company is one of the largest retailers in the USA and sells a wide variety of medications. Recently, though, Walgreen lost a case in court where they had to pay an elderly man $6 million due to his death from a Walgreen’s Vioxx pills. The pill he died of was linked to a number of deaths, including one at Walgreen’s. It was ruled that the company was liable for this fatality, which it knew was dangerous, and that it was negligent in manufacturing the pills.

However, this is not the first time that such a thing has happened at Walgreen.

In fact, it happens quite often. One case that is quite notable is the case against them where two women who became ill after using some Walgreen medications lost their lawsuits. These women were not involved in manufacturing these drugs but only bought them from an individual seller without the manufacturer’s knowledge. Once they started experiencing symptoms, they pursued the case against Walgreen. They claimed that Walgreen knew the medications they sold were dangerous but did not take any action to warn the public.

Another lawsuit against Walgreen involved the company’s policy of not carrying out random drug checks.

This policy was actually stated in a notice of customer satisfaction, which you can find here. According to this policy, the company would not do random drug checks but would instead rely on the information provided by a pharmacist, who would make a determination of whether or not the customer should be allowed to proceed with the purchase of a certain medication.

Despite this policy, Walgreen did not take action as required by law and failed to make any changes to their safety procedures.

Such actions could have prevented drug-related lawsuits, which in turn would have saved both lives and money for everyone. Other types of lawsuits relate to negligence. For instance, one lawsuit was brought forth against Walgreen by a man who died after taking an asthma medication. The court ruled in his favor, and he received compensation from Walgreen.

Another type of case is drug-related gastro-intestinal complaints.

A woman sued Walgreen after she developed severe abdominal pain after taking her pregnancy supplement. The courts sided with Walgreen, awarding her compensation. Drug-related lawsuits are usually very damaging to the pharmaceutical companies, who stand to lose millions of dollars if they are found liable. If you are involved in one of these cases, you might consider contacting a qualified attorney immediately to discuss your case.

There are also cases where corporations themselves are found to be liable for drug-related lawsuits.

In one case, a woman received cancer treatment from GlaxoSmithKline and sued them. The company settled the case, however, is still being investigated for possible class action lawsuits. The mere existence of such lawsuits are frightening for big pharmaceutical companies and are likely to continue to increase as more people become aware of their potential danger.

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