Lawsuits Against Centurylink

The Settlements Filed in Connection With Centurylink Litigation

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court against CenturyLink, Inc. for injuries that were sustained by employees during the manufacturing process of a pool called Millennium Drain. The complaint filed by Hanifan seeks monetary damages from CenturyLink for their negligence in manufacturing and selling products that result in injury to employees. According to Hanifan, the products were dangerous because they contained lead and were not properly tested and maintained by CenturyLink prior to use by employees.

Hanifan is one of several consumers that have been involved in lawsuits against CenturyLink.

The other plaintiffs in the same lawsuit are unidentified but all have similar complaints involving the manner in which CenturyLink treated them and caused them harm when using the products. Two of the additional plaintiffs are also associated with lawsuits against CenturyLink and were featured on an episode of the Discovery Channel’s “Discovery Channel Unsolved.” Other consumers that have been involved in a class action lawsuit against CenturyLink include: Autumn Reeser, and her son Jacob Reeser; and Autumn Reeser’s mother, Virginia Reeser.

The complaint in this class action filed against centurylink details many of the same allegations as in the previous lawsuits.

Some of the details in this new lawsuit include: inadequate warning about the dangers of the product, instructions that were confusing and incomplete, instructions that resulted in consumers having little knowledge of how to properly use the product, and that the company did not respond quickly to their complaints or needs. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that centurylink did not take reasonable steps to ensure that their product was safe for use by its intended consumers. The class action filed against centurylink is seeking compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, punitive damages, and future profits.

According to the Discovery Channel’s “Discovery Myths” episode, the product liability issue was resolved in favor of the plaintiffs when a former employee from centurylink supplied documents to the court that allegedly proved that the company conducted an improper practice.

In addition, the former employee provided medical records from an on-site doctor. The documents allegedly showed that one of the causes of back pain experienced by the majority of the consumers using the product was dehydration. Furthermore, it was revealed that the high concentration of caffeine in the product resulted in a condition called caffeine addiction which was responsible for many of the consumers’ pain problems.

According to the Discovery Channel’s “Discovery Myths” episode, this was not the first time that this issue has been brought up.

A previous lawsuit was brought against centurylink by a Minnesota man identified as Casey Mullins. Mr. Mullins claimed that he suffered from a myriad of diseases brought about by his consumption of colas sold by the company. This information was not considered significant enough to force the removal of a popular and well-known company brand. This is evident by the fact that no civil action has been filed in relation to the situation.

Centurylink was sued again in 2021 by the Minnesota attorney general’s office.

This time, the suits were brought against the corporation and the three major investigations into the matter. Despite the fact that the three major investigations into the matter ultimately cleared centurylink of any wrongdoing, the claims against it were still sustained by the attorney general’s office. As a result, a class-action suit was subsequently filed against the corporation. One of these lawsuits resulted in a major settlement being awarded to the plaintiff, who was suffering from chronic pain resulting from a collapsed hip.

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