Lawsuits Against Nationstar Mortgage

Class Action Lawsuits Against Nationstar Mortgage Company

Nationstar has settled some of their Class Action Lawsuits against them. A Class Action Lawsuit is when a group of people who have been negatively affected by Nationstar’s subprime mortgage crisis file suit in Federal Court. The suits are seeking damages for loss of income, past and present medical expenses, funeral costs, and other damages. Nationstar has settled some cases, but the bulk of the Class Action Lawsuits has yet to be resolved.

The lawsuits against Nationstar began in 2021.

The plaintiffs were all from Florida and ended up spending over six hundred thousand dollars on legal fees. The company was negligent and could not repair the home loans. They acted with deliberate negligence and chose to rake in more profits from those who fell into their trap.

The mortgage crisis was just starting to hit the United States when they sold these loans.

It was not until after the crisis that homeowners’ credit was so poor that they could no longer qualify for mortgages. Sub prime lending became a problem when lenders started turning down mortgages for bad credit holders. This contributed to a huge loss in the American economy.

The Class Action Lawsuits against Nationstar is very convincing.

It is not hard to see why homeowners did not trust their lender. There was a lot of fraud going on and Countrywide was willing to rip off homeowners in order to get more money from them. If the company was intentionally trying to not make home loans to people with bad credit, then they are guilty of consumerism at its worst. The lawsuits will hopefully bring about new legislation making sure that lenders hold themselves accountable for their actions.

It would be nice if the company had followed state law and closed their doors, but that isn’t going to happen.

Instead, they are hoping for peace and a payout from the government so that they can at least continue to operate. They won’t make money this year and maybe next year, but they are worth watching because it may lead to laws being passed that make it harder for people to file lawsuits against them.

You should take part in the class action lawsuit against the Nationstar mortgage company.

At the very least, you will get your money back and have a lawsuit that you can use to get the compensation you deserve. If you lose this suit, it will not put the mortgage company in a bad light. Instead, it will open up a new door for you and other homeowners that lost their homes to Countrywide and other lending institutions.

2 thoughts on “Lawsuits Against Nationstar Mortgage

  1. Would like to join a class action against Nationstar Home Mortgage. They lost paperwork and/or claimed they never received it. Also, they did nothing to help me despite me asking, meeting w/ modification officers, and attempting to make payments. Claimed no program to help me; making a killing off of rates. Communication was terrible from Nationstar. Different representatives with different answers. They accelerated on my mortgage and threw me in a downward spiral. Despite the difficulties endured during that time. The inflated end cost of a home; in my area is not worth much.

  2. We are still waiting for This Lawsuit to be Final as to our home wrongfully being FORECLOSED by Nationstar/Mr. Cooper…

    Thank you for your time & assistance in this matter,

    Shelly Funston & Timothy Mason

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