Lawsuits against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Do You Settle Lawsuits Against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Loan Owners?

Lawsuits against Wells Fargo home mortgage lenders have risen dramatically over the past few years. Many people were hurt while trying to purchase a home during the mortgage boom and these lawsuits were used to cover those costs. While no one was hurt due to fraud, many people lost money when they applied for and were approved for loans that they could not afford.

Other suits were filed against home mortgage companies when they were instructed to increase the interest rates on adjustable rate mortgages without warning.

These are called “roving rates” and they will often change without warning from time to time. When this happens, homeowners will suddenly find that they can’t make their payments and suddenly have to file for bankruptcy. This is why we’ve seen such an increase in lawsuits against Wells Fargo.

Some people sued because they lost their homes and had to sell them at auctions to pay their lenders.

Others sued because they could not refinance their home mortgage loan. Some people sued because they made the wrong decision and got into too much debt. The list goes on, as there have been many cases that were unfortunately involved with Wells Fargo.

It seems that these lawsuits are becoming more rampant because of the state of the economy.

Banks were devastated when the housing market crash took place and many lost their jobs. At the same time, Congress passed the mortgage bailout bill and Wells Fargo were one of the big beneficiaries. They were able to rescue their business and make deals with mortgage lenders that were less than favorable.

Naturally, people are upset because they lost money when they signed on the dotted line.

Some have even filed lawsuits against Wells Fargo because they feel they were victims of predatory lending and are asking for damages. The sad part of this situation is that predatory lending in general has a lot of lawyers who make a good living suing people over home mortgage problems.

If you have a lawsuit pending with Wells Fargo, you might be advised to consult an attorney who specializes in these lawsuits.

You will need to discuss the details of your case and determine if it is worth pursuing. A good attorney can tell you if you have a valid claim and what you can expect in terms of compensation. There is no doubt that some amount of compensation is deserved to people who have been negatively affected by Wells Fargo and other mortgage companies.

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  1. Hi there
    Wells Fargo reported that we were late on our mortgage and we were not. They threated to put a padlock on our home. We fault this awhile with a lawyer directed us and so it was proved so Wells Fargo sent us an apology letter. But, they messed up my credit and I can not get a credit card. I keep getting rejected. The never notified the credit report division. We werent able to refiance either

  2. Wells Fargo had my home mortgage from the year 2000 until 2005. My loan balance was about $200,000 when the obtained the mortgage from aa lender called Norwest in 2000 andthe balance was about

    Wells Fargo Mortgage had my home mortgage from the year 2000 until mid 2005, When they got the mortgage from Norwest Mortgage in 1999 the balance was about $ 200,000 . The mortgage was sold to First National bank j of Arizona in mid-2005 by which time the balance was about $400,000. I have never done a cash out refi nor did I ever miss a payment or make a late payment. I learned that my mortgage balance was about 10 times higher than it should have been in 2017. I went many years never receiving a mortgage statement. I simply trusted that my house would be paid for in full by the year 2025. I 2017 jI found out my mortgage balance was about

    Wells Fargo Mortgage bought my house mortgage from Norwest in late 1999. The balance was about $200,000. The had my mortgage from 1999 until mid-2005. The sold the mortgage to First National bank of Arizona the mortgage balance had jumped to about $350, 000. I have never in my life done a cash out re-fi nor had I ever been late making a mortgage payment nor had I ever missed a mortgage mortgage payment during that time frame. When I purchased the house in 1995 the original mortgage was $199,000. It was a 30 year m,ortgage. I made the last payment on the mortgage about 4 months ago and I have learned the balance is about $300,000. I owe much more on the loan than I did when I bought the house. When I applied for a $500 credit card in 2017 I was declined, even though I had an 805 credit score. I was advised to contact Experian for an explanation of why I was declined the credit card. Experian explained it was because my debt to income was not within their perimeters. They told me my credit report would be sent to me. It was then I learned the two cash out refis were done on my house- one in the year 2000, for $$35,000, and another in 2005,, for $140,000. I NEVER did any cash out refis in my life. The were done totally without my knowledge or permission. I never received a cent for any refis. They were both done while Wells Fargo Mortgage had the loan and mortgage statements were not sendto me during the year that my mortgage loan balance was grossly inflated. Phh currently has my mortgage and they are showing a balance of about $300,000. The payment is about $2,000 a month. When I bought the house in 1995 I planned to retire before I was 80 years. Because of what happened in the years 2000 and 2005, I won’t have the house paid for until the year 2050, at which time I will be 105 years old. I don’t wish to work at that age. Wells Fargo was expected to lend me money and Secure my mortgage by not allow cash out refis without my knowledge or permission, or me benefitting from the proceeds of the refis. None of those 3 occurred. HELP. My phone number is (215) 527-39xx.

  3. These mortgage companies and mortgage servicers are getting over on Consumers and we the consumer does not have anyone to step-up and fight, these mortgage companies. I have a problem with CitiMortgage, Inc, of the same sort.

  4. Count me in. I was a victim of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage as well. I had the infamous “pick a pay loan” from World Bank on my home of 23 years. I got concerned and World Bank agreed to work with me, but the next time I contacted them, they had been purchased by Wachovia Bank. Wachovia pretended to help me modify my Loan, but would make me start over every 30 days and then Wells Fargo bought my mortgage loan – and at a discounted rate I am sure. I continue and was encouraged by Wells Faeo to keep trying for a modification. I faxed so many papers to both Wachovia and Wells Fargo Bank for 5 years that I was seriously going to wallpaper my entire house with it. It was ridiculous! I finally was told that my modification request was being sent to their “top” mortgage modification decision person – a woman – and that I would have an answer, but that it would take her a week and she would let me know. Sure enough, I received a call from her office to let me know that they would not be modifying my loan because “I signed the original documents”.
    What? Yes, I signed them, so did everyone else. In fact I signed in a noisy restaurant with a witness who was very impatient and distracted to the point that I felt I was being highly manipulated and was extremely uncomfortable.
    This was my home and for the banks to pull the “negative NPV”
    bullshit and then the “ you signed the original documents bullshit was unbelievable. The minute I was told that, I sold my house by paying the realtors $60,00” from the sales proceeds and Wrlls Fargo took an unbelievable amount so that Ai was unable to rebuy a home in my community. Then Wells Fargo reported to the credit bureau that they foreclosed on me, which was a lie because I sold it myself and paid them in full +. I asked them to remove it, but they wouldn’t and so I took them to all claims court because when I bought another home in a different community, I had to get a hard money loan for the first year, so I sued them for $10,000. and won. They claimed I had no mortgage with them and they don’t know who I am and asked for a re-trial and sent a high powered attorney from South Carolina ( I am in California) to tell me that they will settled for $1,000, which is better than nothing because “ the statute of limitations for mortgages was 2 years. I had looked it up and it said 3 years, but O was intimidated by this lawyer who most likely lied, and ended up settling for $1,000. She even made some fake phone calls to her “boss” to try and get me more, but she “couldn’t get ahold of them.”
    It’s been a few years now but the whole experience still eats away at my whole person and my ability to trust banks or any financial institution really. I would love to have some justice on my behalf and others who were hurt by them.

  5. I would like to receive information on attorney to discuss how Wells Fargo sold my mortgage out from under me granted I faxed my Notice of Intent to retain my mortgage and house along with proof of funds available as they requested and I had it all documented time stamp and had it all done 1 1/2 hours before sale and they stalled transferring representatives etc on hold call backs and they sold it after all that so if anyone can help me please get ahold of me …406-428-8091 so we can discuss it please Thank you

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