Lipozene Lawsuits

Lipozene 6 Dangers – Are You Being Charged With Liability For Damages Due To Lipo-Slimming Products?

It seems like there are a lot of issues to be taken care of when it comes to the new liposuction procedure known as lipozene. There are few side effects to this procedure that were discovered just recently. Some of these side effects include excessive bleeding, allergic reactions, nerve damage and permanent nerve damage. One of the lipozene lawsuits which has been filed against Allergenmed is a class action suit because they did not warn patients of the dangers of the free sample of lipozene that was provided to them.

A Class Action suit was filed against Allergenmed with their distributor of the free liposuction sample.

The company did not respond or offer an explanation for the contamination of their free samples. This was also the case with Allergenmed’s competitor, Lipodiss. Lipodiss did respond to the complaint filed by a former Lipozene consumer reviews editor who claimed that their free liposuction samples gave her a rash, which caused swelling in her face. This happened within the first week of using the free sample. Allergenmed did not reply or offer an explanation as to why this happened.

Allergenmed is one of the major players in the medical field, having received funding from the federal government in grants to assist with research.

This company also has its own research division and it appears that there may be some liability associated with the way that they distributed lipozene liposuction products. Many Lipozene lawsuits have been filed against Allergenmed, as well as Lipozeen, another of their competitors. Many of the lipozene liposuctions products contain formaldehyde, which is hydroscopic and can cause skin sensitivity.

If you want to get free liposuction sample of lipozene, but are concerned about these lawsuits then there are other companies that offer free samples without this harsh side effect.

Allergenmed does offer a free trial of their popular line spray. There are other companies offering free samples such as Biomedics, which offers a free trial of their injectable fat remover gel. Another one that offers free liposuction is VMT Bio Ltd which offers free samples such as the VMT Esterless Liposuction Formula, VMT Hydrosol Liposuction Formula, VMT Intralesional Fat Removal Formula, and VMT Algae Liposculpture Formula.

In many cases it seems that the lawsuits against VMT are trumped by the liposuction companies claims that their products are safe for long term use.

The liposuctions of course have been notorious for leaking fat into surrounding tissues. Other companies have also been caught using similar filler materials that have leaked from the plastic veneers that cover them. The lawsuits against these companies do not seem to be based on safety at this point. However, these lawsuits continue to go on and there seems to be little hope in sight for either the lawsuits against VMT, Biomedics, or Ovesel.

For some people these lawsuits will come as a huge relief. For others they may not even realize what the danger was to begin with.

It is important that if you have any questions about the claims in the lawsuits that you contact a qualified attorney who specializes in consumer issues and who can help you determine whether or not your rights were infringed upon in the process. If you do feel that the dangers of li0ozene 6 dangers were crossed, be sure that you contact an attorney who specializes in these cases. They will be able to assist you in determining whether or not you are owed compensation for the injuries you sustained as a result of VMT or other similar cosmetics.

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