Nexus 6P Lawsuit: Nexus 6P Users Can Join a Class-Action Lawsuit

Nexus 6P users can now join a class-action lawsuit against Google and Huawei over a boot loop issue that plagued the phones. The lawsuit is aimed at rectifying the problem so that users can return the phones and get a full refund. This lawsuit is currently ongoing, and the deadline to file your claim is March 1, 2018. But if you purchased a Nexus 6P between September 2015 and September 2017, you may qualify for a reimbursement.

The current Nexus 6P lawsuit claims that the phone is prone to a boot loop cycle, which renders it unusable or unresponsive.

It is also claimed that the device’s battery life is less than a third of what it should be. The battery drain is a major complaint about those who bought the phone during its pre-order period. The manufacturers have denied the claims, but the issue of boot loops and unexpected shutdowns is still under investigation.

Although the case is still ongoing, there is still hope for consumers who purchased a Nexus 6P. A $400 check has already begun to arrive in the mail to consumers who purchased the phone before September 2019. The lawsuit was filed following widespread reports of boot loops and sudden battery drain. The phone was developed by Google and Huawei in 2015. It was the last Nexus product made by Google and Huawei. The phone had a premium build quality for an affordable price.

The Nexus 6P lawsuit is ongoing.

This class-action lawsuit has been a long-running affair for a year now. The device is still a buggy phone, but the class-action suits filed against Huawei and Google are aimed at getting their customers back what they’re due. As long as the manufacturer corrects the problems, a $400 payout could be in the cards. But this is a far cry from what users are expecting from the phone.

While the lawsuit is ongoing, it is still worth filing. You may be eligible for a $400 payout if you bought a Nexus 6P with a defective battery. There are other problems that Nexus 6P users have experienced, too. Most users reported experiencing a boot loop or an unexpected shutdown. If you’ve purchased one, you should contact your manufacturer and ask for a replacement. They may be able to help you recover up to $400.

If you bought a Nexus 6P, you should join the class-action lawsuit filed by Girard Gibbs and his firm.

The lawsuit alleges that Nexus’s battery is defective and will boot loop without warning. It also causes the phone to be unstable and can result in a battery drain. As a result, it will become a nuisance to use the device. But if you own a Nexus 6P, you should consider joining the lawsuit and receive compensation.

The lawsuit filed against Google and Huawei has two major defendants: Huawei. Both companies have made their phones unusable. The lawsuit claims that a battery replacement for the Nexus 6P would have been impossible and that Google had no way to fix the problem. However, this settlement was not enough for many people. In addition, the plaintiffs are seeking a $400 refund. If you purchase a Nexus 6, be sure to contact your local consumer protection office.

The Nexus 6P lawsuit has been ongoing for a while, and if you are experiencing the same problems, consider joining the case.

It may be worth it to file a claim against Google, as it has settled other Nexus 6P class-action lawsuits with a similar manufacturer. So, what are you waiting for? Take action today and get your phone back! If You Own a Nexus Sixt

A class-action lawsuit against Google has been ongoing for over a year. A $400 check for your phone is on the way. If you have a Nexus 6P, consider joining the case. You can receive a total of $480 if your device is not fully functional. It is worth your time to see if Google will pay you. It will certainly be worth it if you can get the repair of your phone.

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