Omnicare Lawsuits

Recently, Omnicare lawsuits have been making the news quite often. The main reason is because of the quality of the products that they manufacture. They are quite popular, and many people prefer to use them. The quality of the toothpaste that they produce is another reason why they are in demand. So what exactly are Omnicare lawsuits all about?

The lawsuits against this company are actually being handled by a legal firm called “Baer & Becker”.

They have handled several cases that deal with such issues. Some of those that were handled involved situations where the manufacturer had not complied with federal regulations regarding warnings about the dangers of lead. That issue led to huge fines being handed down by the federal government.

The fines that have been doled out are usually quite substantial.

The company has also had to pay out a lot of money to settle the lawsuits in court. The main issue here was that they had failed to properly warn the public about the dangers of lead. The consequences of this included health problems among children. That is what prompted the US government to step in and take action.

Omnicare was one of the largest manufacturers of toothpastes in the country.

It had previously only offered toothpaste and not toothbrushes. The lawsuits that have been brought forth by the lawyers are because of the fact that the company failed to make adequate warnings of the potential risks involved with using the product. In the past, Omnicare has had to recall various products due to these false claims. This has hurt their sales enormously and affected their financial situation tremendously.

The lawyers who specialize in these lawsuits feel that the results of the company’s actions are rather unfortunate.

They feel that the fines that have been doled out are far from proportion to the actual dangers that the company faced. They also point out that it takes a long time to prove these claims. The lawsuits often drag on for years before they conclude.

The settlement offer from Omnicare usually involves payment of only a fraction of the amount as fine.

This is a relatively minor amount considering the damage that has been done to the company. The company does however state that they are willing to go ahead and close the sales under the supervision of the Federal Trade Commission. However the terms of settlement have caused a lot of inconvenience for the customers. Most of them have had to change their dentist or they have to find another dentist to get their dental needs fulfilled. This has become a nuisance for the customers and has caused further damage to the reputation of the company.

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