Portfolio Recovery Associates Lawsuit

How to Get the Most Out of a Portfolio Recovery Associates Lawsuit

Portfolio Recovery Associates is a company that is owned by David M. Minkoff. They are an agency that promise to help those in financial trouble, but as you can probably guess, they have some shady practices. When this company was sued, one of the tactics that the management used was to threaten to sue those who did not pay up.

In the wake of Portfolio Recovery Associates lawsuit, many lawyers across the country have called on the attorney general to investigate the company and their methods.

On July 5th, they filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that they had used threatening letters to try to intimidate and threaten those who had not paid up.

When the complaint was filed, no one from Portfolio Recovery Attorneys ever came to speak with the plaintiffs in the case, despite knowing that they were represented by an attorney.

Just fourteen days later, on March 1st, Portfolio Recovery Attorneys terminated the suit without any client ever paying them anything.

Many people wonder how they were ever able to receive legal counsel without even a call or a visit.

The fact is that the company claimed that it had sent a letter to clients saying that they would be held liable if they did not pay up the case. When the attorney tried to discuss this with the company’s attorney, the attorney denied ever getting a call from Portfolio Recover Associates.

In the wake of the lawsuit, many people have taken notice of the tactics that the company used.

People have been left questioning how they were ever able to receive legal representation in the first place when the company did not answer their calls or visit them for any reason. Others have wondered how they could have been defrauded in the first place.

Because of the nature of the case, the company has already been found liable.

They have already been ordered to pay money for their attorneys’ fees. This does not mean that they are out of the legal system.

Because the company did not show up in court to defend themselves, the case was put to a vote by the court.

It was found that the complaint was not frivolous and therefore, the lawsuit should not be dismissed. This means that the people who sued will have the opportunity to get their money back from the company that owed them all their money.

As you can see, the people suing in the portfolio recovery Associates lawsuit did not just stand there and take it. They fought back.

So, if you feel like you could have been a victim of fraud and you feel that you might have been a victim of the fraudster, you might want to consult a law firm that specializes in these types of cases. Some of the firms that are very successful at recovering money from fraudsters are:

The Law Firm: You do not have to be a criminal lawyer to use one of these firms.

There are many other options available to you. You might want to consider hiring a criminal defense attorney or even an accountant to represent your case. Even if you feel that you are better off without either of these two types of attorneys, a good criminal defense attorney or accountant will still be able to help your case.

The Response: If the suit is still pending, you will want to hire a response company to defend you. These companies usually do not cost anything.

The Judgment: In some states, they can also file a judgment for you once you have won your suit.

Usually this is a great way to get your money back. Your judgment can be a settlement, or it can also be a lump sum that you can use to pay off the bills that you have accumulated since the beginning of the lawsuit.

In some states, the judgment can be made against the defendant, while in others, it is made against the bank that lent the money that you received from the original lawsuit.

Regardless of which you are awarded, you will need to pay a certain amount of money to the company that lent you the money.

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