Rite Aid Lawsuit

Radex Attorney’s Lawsuit – Radex Inflates the Price of Prescription Medication

Rite Aid Corp. is facing a national class action suit claiming that the medical equipment retailer falsely inflate prices for certain brand name prescription medications. Lawsuit Robert Josten filed in federal court in San Diego late last month.

Josten says that his wife suffered from anaphylactic shock, a condition that causes swelling in the throat and airway, after she took a medication from her pharmacy without first getting any medical insurance or prescription drug plan through her employer.

She also claims that she has gone through numerous emergency room visits as well as lost time from work due to her suffering from anaphylaxis.

Josten is suing the company on behalf of his wife.

He says that R.A.D., a subsidiary of the company, made him aware of the issue of false marketing of medication by falsely inflating the price of the medication. The company then advertised its policy of reducing the price of medications when purchased through their online pharmacy.

Josten is seeking compensation for his wife’s suffering as well as the loss of income he suffered as a result of taking the prescribed medication from R.A.D.

The company has denied any wrongdoing. The suit further contends that R.A.D. knowingly overcharged for the medication in order to “captivate” customers and keep their business. The suit is seeking compensation on behalf of all other individuals who are injured by the company for taking the medication it advertised.

The lawsuit states that R.A.D. was aware that its pharmacists and employees were instructed to falsely inflate the price of R.A.D. generic medications in order to attract customers.

It is unclear how the company could have been aware that employees would falsely inflate the price of R.A.D. generic medications.

However, the suit contends that the company knew that a large percentage of the pharmacies in the San Diego area had been selling R.A.D. medications at significantly inflated prices.

The case is being pursued against R.A.D. as a class-action lawsuit in which all R.A.D. pharmacists and associates will be individually liable. for any damages awarded to the plaintiff.

A Rite Aid representative did not return multiple phone calls requesting comment. regarding the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, R.A.D. employees were told to inflate the price of their medication so that customers would buy their product.

It goes on to say that the company told them to use words like “expedited”, “fast”, “quality”quick”, in order to convince customers to buy their drugs.

According to the suit, the employees of R.A.D. were also told to list their websites as affiliates of R.A.D. and provide a link to the website when customers entered their credit card number.

The lawsuit further asserts that the company also instructed its pharmacists to falsely claim that R.A.D. had the lowest prices available in the country for the drugs it advertised.

R.A.D. has a long history of providing low-cost generic medications and R.A.D. also provides discount plans for some prescriptions.

When the lawsuit was brought, R.A.D. was losing more than $3.2 billion a year on prescription sales. The lawsuit seeks a judgment of financial injury as well as punitive damages for the negligence on the part of the company.

It is unknown if the suit will go to trial. It is believed that R.A.D. may be forced to accept responsibility and pay the company’s legal costs and penalties.

This will likely happen if the case goes to trial. If the case is dismissed, however, the company may be able to continue selling R.A.D. medications at inflated prices.

A Rite Aid representative did not return numerous phone calls seeking comment.

The suit also does not specify how much money will be sought by the plaintiffs in this case. Although the amount is unknown, a similar case involving the company nearly resulted in the loss of R.A.D. A ‘s drug monopoly. That case ended with an out-of-court settlement.

If R.A.D. is found responsible, it will be another black eye for the drugstore chain.

The original company was one of the largest and most profitable retail pharmacies in the world until it filed for bankruptcy in the late 1980s. It lost nearly half of its drugstore market share due to competition from generic and lower-priced drugs.

The company has already had a rocky time since filing for bankruptcy. R.A.D. ‘s stock price is down more than 40% in recent months.

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