Verizon Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action Lawsuits – A Costly Mistake

There have been numerous class action lawsuits against Verizon filed over the past couple of years. A recent such case involves a Verizon customer who was ordered to reimburse Verizon for her unpaid bills. In an ironic twist of fate, the same person was also being sued for violating a federal mandate by not obtaining permission before reviewing her credit report. The court found in favor of Verizon and ordered the plaintiff to reimburse Verizon for the money she spent to remedy the situation.

Verizon is one of the largest providers of long distance services in the United States.

However, it is also one of the most frequently sued companies in the country. In the past few years, Verizon has paid out over $6 billion dollars in judgments and other claims related to the way it runs its business. Verizon’s use of complex billing procedures, unlimited calling plans and various other strategies have earned it a reputation as one of the most arrogant and unethical companies in the industry. Such tactics have earned Verizon extreme popularity among its customers, but have also led to some unflattering comparisons with the likes of Enron and WorldCom.

A Verizon class action lawsuit involves a customer who felt he had been the victim of unfair and unprofessional treatment at the hands of Verizon.

According to the complaint, Verizon used questionable methods in order to alter the way it classifies its customers’ credit files. Verizon’s system used to classify credit scores as either good or bad, based solely on the information provided by the credit card billing number itself. Subsequently, Verizon would alter the credit rating scale by removing the bad credit entries in order to improve its image. The modifications were discovered when the plaintiff, a former Verizon customer, went to obtain a credit card with a different bank.

The court found that Verizon violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by removing information from its credit report which did not affect the plaintiff’s credit score or credit history.

Verizon was also found to have engaged in conduct in violation of FICO, a company specializing in credit report processing. The court ordered Verizon to restore to its customers the same favorable positions it had previously held regarding their credit histories. It also ordered Verizon to pay costs and damages incurred in this case.

In Verizon class action lawsuits, the company may have also violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which requires providers of credit services to provide information about credit-related disputes to consumers within a reasonable period of time.

According to Verizon class action lawsuit law firm Spolsky & Bogomil, this requirement was never implemented due to Verizon’s failure to comply with this law. Verizon failed to give any contact information to its customers or even notify them when it sent them disputes. Verizon failed to warn users that such a procedure is available to them.

In addition, Verizon may have engaged in price gouging when it raised prices for its services in an attempt to regain market share.

However, Verizon has strenuously denied these charges are based on industry trends and that it has only resorted to such practices as a result of natural market conditions. As a result of all the lawsuits and class action filings that the company has encountered over the past few years, Verizon’s stock has dropped considerably. Many consumers lost confidence in Verizon due to the many lawsuits it was involved in. Nevertheless, Verizon is still present in the business and is using the lawsuits as a bargaining chip in trying to acquire more wireless customers.

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  1. I had a 14-year relationship as a Verizon client with Digital Secure where they “protected my identity.” I once received a notification that my Apple ID was being sold on the dark web and did not receive any follow-up from Verizon. I’d like to discuss this in more detail. Please call me at 304-641-7836. Thanks in advance!

  2. I recently was promised a $200 promotional e-gift card for switching to Verizon home. As I have waited and jumped hurdles to try and actually get this promotion (it has been three months now) I am noticing on the Verizon message board community that a large number of people have had the same issue with Verizon. Some customers are waiting a year or more. Gift cards are promised as part of their promotion for switching, but Verizon makes it so time-consuming and difficult to receive these that most people just give up. Something about this practice feels really off to me, especially as I see Verizon customer service constantly closing these threads on their message boards without resolution. I am wondering if others are having the same issue and if there is a legal avenue to address this practice as a community of consumers.

    1. I am having an issue with a promotion as well. Not one for a gift card but a trade in promotion. After months of communications due to the promotion not being applied I finally reached someone who found some of the errors caused by verizon agents. She proceeded to try to remedy the situation but did not apply the proper promotion she promised. Now I am bing told it is because that promotion is over and when she applied the corrections it only qualified me for the current promotion. I would like to speak to someone about the possibility of a class action suit due to unethical common business practices through promotions. These promotional issues appear to be extremely common, including lost phones or undocumented trade ins.

      1. I’m also having an issue with a promotion; In February 2022, we went to their store in Boynton Beach because I had a bad reception on my phone, so they put a new sim card. The clerk, Nick, tells us that they have a promotion going on for Apple Watches for $100. as long as we keep the service for 36 months. We were told that the initial bill and a couple of months would show the full price, but they will issue a credit afterwards. I’ve been at the store several time, called customer service and I can’t get them to recognize the promotion and was charged the full price of $359.99 and $329.99 to be paid over 36 months. He initially told us that the amount would be $2.77 a month but we could pay it all in one shot if we waited 3 months. I would like to know how you deal with these unethical business practices.

      2. I am also having an issue with a promotion. Jennifer’s message could be me. After dealing with Verizon on a number of similar issues I believe that they provide unworking links, fail to mail paper kits to return equipment, and simply choose to “wait out” the customer so they can say the promotion has ended. If there is a class action suit filed against Verizon with regards to their failures to follow through on promotions, I have detailed documentation that can be provided.

  3. Was lied to about unlimited plan would save me money as compared to my 5 g plan that suddenly was used up overnight….was told I do on app wasn’t accurate…lol so in the end the new plan cost 13.00 more a month and they can’t give me a reason that the rep got miscalculations and ignore my questions about it…

  4. Verizon continually sends me emails saying that they have updated my plan “at no additional cost to me” although my monthly bill increased by $50 per month. And there is no way to opt out of this price increase. I never asked for an upgrade. And I don’t appreciate being lied to by Verizon. If they create a new tier of service they should offer it to customers as a choice to roll into “for an additional fee.” They should not deceive customers into thinking their bill will be the same because the company is providing enhanced services out of the goodness of their hearts.

    1. They send an email to tell you they are enrolling you and if you don’t respond to tell them you don’t want this service they change it. And who reads emails anymore. They sent me one saying they got my request to cancel my phone order, which I didn’t, and when my phones never came I went to the store to ask where my phones were they said I canceled them. I didn’t and now the deal I got for BOGO $800 off is not a deal. They had the phones I wanted and the store set me up saying they’ll get me the deal back and I’ve been fighting them ever since to give me my discount.

  5. When we opened our Verizon account years ago, we checked the box stating we do not want any mobile protection on any of our phones. They added a $15 monthly charge that I did not see on any bill. When they finally added it on the bill and I called about it, they owed us over $900 but only refunded $15. When I spoke to someone in customer service she stated she saw where we checked “no mobile protection” but when I asked for a copy of the contract, it was not included. When I closed the account they have been sending me collection letters for a bill I don’t owe. Is there anything you can do to help.

  6. Hi,
    Verizon actively blocks the built in mobile hotspot in android devices. I’d like to get a class action law suit started for every Verizon customer using android. I pay Verizon for unlimited data, not to hamstring the hardware I paid 1500$ for with their apk bloatware, or to make me pay an extra fee for something that they purposely disable just to attempt to charge me for. Is there any way to get this done? I was thinking it would fall under the same ruling as the recent Apple Vs Epic lawsuit where Apple restricts via software what people do with hardware they own. Epic won and Apple had to remove the restrictions on customers personal hardware.

  7. Will there be a Class Action Lawsuit against verizon over the 2021 Data Breach? I mean there was one for T-mobile so why not one for us Verizon customers?

  8. Originally with Verizon we had three phones with 4 GB of data and rarely got close then we went to two phones with 10 GB of data and got close frequently to going over. After over 20 years I recently switched carriers with unlimited data usage for half the price and found that the two phones haven’t even used for 4 GB with nothing changed in out routines. Something is extremely fishy here.

  9. Verizon and apple worked together to forced me not to leave 8 tomes i attempted
    Filthizon cysnged my lsn constrntky thry co stently shut my pho e off the set ot up to st es l my days phone nymber sll o cloud
    To tuis day i still am unanke to search any lawsuits agai st filthizon and shit apple
    They took all cloud pff iphone I had 700 plus contacts dwindled down tp 5 and the 5 were not mine. I could kot text old contacts THEY ARE NOTJ EBIL TRASH AND GIND IT IS THR BEW KORMAL TO SAU COMPANIES ATR ANOVE THE LAW. Thry fucked me ovef andnovef and over they str on my sprint ohone i stoll cannot call the tradj at apple. Once in s graay ehile i cannsneak a callnn N i. But then apple tells filtjizon
    Enik fivks must pay

  10. Verizon offers “gift cards” for adding lines to existing accounts. After you spend hours tracking the gift card progress, you may receive an email stating “your gift card is here!” Verizon provides you with a digital gift card number and PIN, but no expiration date or CCV. When you try to use the card to pay for your Verizon services online, you are required to enter the expiration date and CCV. I spent time on phone calls with Verizon “support agents,” being switched from agent to agent, but without getting an expiration date or CCV for my gift card. Without these inputs, the card is unusable. In my opinion, this is a fraudulent scheme to lure the consumer into adding family members to their account, and then breach the contract and pocket the gift card amount. Perhaps there is some algorithm that shows Verizon they can make more money defrauding the consumer than paying settlements?
    Oh, and by the way…Verizon also requires veterans to “re-verify your veteran status.” If a veteran has already verified veteran status, there is no reason to re-verify. If you are a veteran, you are always a veteran. In my opinion, this is another scheme to overcharge by revoking the veteran discount they offer to entice veterans to their brand.

  11. Last night (or early this morning) I asked an agent why there is a $12 charge on my account that states “plan rate adjustment multi”. Last year I was given a notification on my app that I could increase my data from 2GB to 999GB for $10 (essentially being an unofficial unlimited plan). I told my friends that I was surprised and happy with that. But it turns out they have also been charging me $12 in addition to this because of “increasing costs” on anyone who has an old plan. I used to love Verizon, but now I’m really upset. They’re basically charging me the same price now as if I has upgraded to an unlimited plan. This pushed people out of the old plans and into the new 5G plans (which I hear are pretty spotty service). Guys, if you have an old plan (a certain amount of GB per month) check your billing for a random charge. Their way of just taking extra money from you. The “data boost” I signed up for and the original plan I signed up for never mentioned being charged a random charge because they don’t like the fact that we stayed with an older plan. Check your bills.

  12. Verizon converted my property, specifically, failure to return money for a defective router modem at a cost of at least $300 and fake billing of $200 per month for about 24 months. I spent countless hours with Verizon on the phone and at least 5 visits to the Verizon store in Westlake Village, California. I spoke to several people on line and on the phone, some hardly carried on English conversation, but some surely did. I attempted to save the interned conversation but, when I follow instructions to save the conversation the conversation was erased. I think what Verizon is doing is bordering on criminal behavior. Question; do I need to initiate a litigation claim in California or, can I joint some pending class action?

  13. I think there needs to be a class action lawsuit against Verizon for false advertising, Bait & Switch practices, and billing for services they knew they couldn’t provide. Let me explain. In Dec 2019 I bought two phones from a Verizon store, a 5G Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and a 5G IPhone 11 Pro, along with 5G phone service plans. The sales clerk told us Verizon 5G service would “be available soon”, that Verizon would issue a $10 credit per phone/per month until 5G service was available, and that our new 5g phones would run on Verizon’s 4glte service networks. Three days later I checked verizon’s website and realized the sales clerk had assigned a generic 5g service plan without even explaining there were better plans. I called Verizon, explained the problem and they quickly changed my plan to the 5G Play More plan. I asked when 5g would be actually be available on my phones and was told “by Sept of 2020”. I again called Verizon in Oct or Nov of 2020 to state I’ve never received 5G on either 5G phones and was told Verizon’s 4G Lte-A was now their 5G network and they would soon have 5G UltraWide Band (true 5G) available in my area – which I should receive – without any additional fees/charges. Today is February 21, 2023 and neither phone has ever had any connection to Verizon’s 5G networks. The phones have always shown they’re on 4G Lte! And NOW Verizon says these phones will NEVER WORK on 5G!!! Somewhere along the way – most likely when Verizon created 5G UW – Verizon realized the Note 10+ and IPhone 11 Pro would NEVER be compatible with their actual 5G network, which they call 5G UW. AND, somewhere after Dec 2020, Verizon ceased providing me with the $10 credit per/phone per/month. They also renamed the 5G Play More service plan to just be Play More – further hiding the bait & switch they pulled on me and many other customers. Ironically, Verizon provided me a $10 monthly credit for agreeing to go paperless, so I have to contact them to get copies of my older bills to see when they actually stopped crediting my bill for Verizon’s failure to provide actual 5G on my phones. There was a separate issue when we bought the phones. Verizon was running a promo offering free Apple Music for all who bought new phones but we never got it to work. It took 3 days of working with Verizon to find out that somewhere along the line, they switched my account to a Business account, and that type of account did not allow the promo to be applied to business accounts. Verizon agreed to credit my bill $20 each month – to reimburse me for the money I had to pay directly to Apple to subscribe to Apple Music. My understanding of the agreement was that Verizon would provide this monthly credit for the life of the phone, but Verizon ceased providing that credit once the phone was 3 yrs old. I saw a news story about another class action lawsuit against Verizon. In that case, Verizon recently tried telling a judge that their customers – when they signed the lengthy sales receipt – agreed to use arbitration to settle all disagreements. I saw no such waivers and the print on those receipts is not only tiny, but whatever they use to print the receipt fades rather quickly over time and there’s nothing I can even read on that paper. To make matters worse, the sales clerk failed to mention this little zinger. And, when you’re standing at the sales register with 6-8 people waiting behind you, the sales clerk rushes you out of the way so they can help the next customers giving NO time to read all of that fine print. It’s malarky! Worser, arbitration overwhelmingly favors the corporation over individuals. Verizon NEVER notified customers who bought the 5g Note10 and Iphone 11 that they would never receive 5g on those phones. Verizon didn’t refunded customer’s money for failing to deliver the service they bought UNLESS the customer persistently hounded Verizon. Even then, Verizon chose to wait until customers complained, then handled them on a case-by-case basis. But there are many, many people who bought those Samsung Note 10+ and IPhone 11 “5g” phones from Verizon who never got 5g Service. I strongly suspect that is the reason Verizon created the 5g UW plan.

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