Waffle House Lawsuits Is on the Rise

It seems like almost every time you turn your head, there’s another lawsuit from a waffle house owner that has been filed in court. The latest one involves a lawsuit against Waring Food Company, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of waffle irons. Many consumers have complained about poor service, negative reviews and even complaints about death sentences.

If you’re a Waring customer or even a youth under the age of thirteen, and you’re looking for waffle house customer services, just check out the link below:

You can also call Waffle House at (877-GHB-DOZ) to talk to a quality representative. According to their website, the company serves “over 25 states and the District of Columbia.”

Waring is owned by International House Brands, which has also manufactured and distributed under its own brand names, including Big Green Egg Deli.

At the time of the incident, IH was the nation’s second largest pancake manufacturer. According to the Georgia restaurant and food manufacturing regulations web site, IH’s policy is “to never use words that may be construed to convey defamatory or disparaging remarks regarding another business.” Obviously, if the waffle house serves alcohol and other controlled substances, it could find itself in a vast number of lawsuits. At least five states have already filed lawsuits against IH: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois. While not directly related to each other, the lawsuits might have merit.

In addition to the restaurant industry, another area the Georgia restaurant and food manufacturing regulations site mention is the fast-food chain industry.

The recent recall of fried chicken caused a large spike in lawsuits against this industry. In one case, a man was injured after being severely burned on his arm. Another man lost his finger when he tripped over an oil container at a popular fast-food chain. He later filed a lawsuit against the restaurant chain, which eventually settled.

The waffle house lawsuit is another example of how food-related lawsuits can hit the restaurant industry hard.

As the food industry continues to expand, it’s expected that this problem will only become worse. One of the reasons why this has become so prevalent is that both the restaurant chains and the manufacturers are making tons of money hand over fist. People who lose their cases may never get the compensation they’re looking for.

It seems like the lawsuits are mostly targeting fast-food chains, but there are also many cases against franchise restaurant chains.

Out of all the restaurant chains, only three of them have yet to face a lawsuit. Of those three, Chula Vista Pizza Kitchen has faced a lawsuit. Other chains that have faced claims of frivolous lawsuits are Bagels, Brio, Golden Corral, Jimmy John’s, Little Caesar’s, and more. It looks like frivolous lawsuits are hitting more restaurant chains than ever before.

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