Wal Mart Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action Lawsuits

It has become increasingly popular to file Wal Mart class action lawsuits. Why is that, you might ask? Well, there are a number of reasons that the class action lawsuit structure has become so popular. The class action suit structure forces the plaintiffs to band together, work collectively, and take massive action against one of the biggest retailers in the country.

Class action lawsuits are also good for business people who wish to file a lawsuit without having to worry about being individually sued by every individual customer.

In other words, if a class action suit is brought forth against Wal-Mart, many thousands of individuals can bring their case forward as a class. This will increase the strength of the complaint. Also, class action lawsuits are often much stronger than individual lawsuits, since groups of individuals are generally more motivated to fight a common opponent.

But why are class action lawsuits so popular with big retailers?

The fact is that class action lawsuits allow the plaintiffs to be compensated for the monetary losses they have incurred because of the actions or policies of a corporation. The damages can include but are not limited to, mental and emotional anguish, medical bills, and loss of income. Also, class action lawsuits allow the plaintiffs to collect damages on behalf of all other similarly situated plaintiffs and class members. This means that the risk of a large financial award is greatly reduced when taking a class action lawsuit.

So how do class action lawsuits work? A class action lawsuit consists of individuals filing lawsuits against a company or entity.

Individual plaintiffs in class action lawsuits are provided with a legal representative who will serve as their representative with the defendant’s attorney. After the litigation process has been completed, the court will issue an order granting funds to the plaintiffs and their attorneys.

What are the advantages to class action lawsuits?

One of the main advantages to class action lawsuits is that the likelihood of a successful claim is far greater when there are more plaintiffs. The more people you can represent in a class, the better the chances are of a favorable judgment. Also, when your lawyer successfully presents the case in front of the judge, it is highly likely that the judge will take your side and award you the funds that you are owed.

The disadvantages to class action lawsuits?

One of the main disadvantages to class action lawsuits is that the fees that the lawyers collect from the class action participants is exempt from federal and state taxes. Also, most states do not require any type of financial disclosure as required by mandatory arbitration agreements. There is also the possibility of a large number of cases resulting in little or no awards, and the costs of a class action lawsuit are comparable to the costs of dealing with individual clients. So if you think you have a case, you might want to consider a class action lawsuit as an option.

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