A Walgreens Employee LawSuit Could Be Worth Watching

A Walgreens employee lawsuit that has been dragging on for months has finally gotten to the courts. A former manager, Robert Gann, sued the company and its president and chief executive, Arthur Lewis for discrimination because of his sexual orientation. The jury will soon decide if it believes the suit was fair.

Gann said he was fired after coming out as gay. He said he complained that they weren’t treating him fairly. Gann’s attorney says the company had long known about his sexuality and didn’t hire a gay manager. His attorney told reporters the decision to make such a hire may have cost Gann his job.

The company is trying to prove that Gann was discriminated against because of his sexual orientation. This lawsuit is part of an ongoing series of lawsuits involving gay employees who say they were fired for being who they are. In many states, it is legal to be gay in some cases. But the employment laws differ from state to state.

There are legal experts who are skeptical that the case will be successful. One of those experts is Thomas Collins, professor emeritus at Vanderbilt University Law School. Collins said he doesn’t believe Gann is likely to win a lawsuit against a company because many people do not have the financial means to fight a discrimination case. Many of those same people will be unable to afford a private lawyer or representation.

Others think that the lawsuit is well worth it. Former employees of the company are angry about the treatment of Gann. One of them, Larry Dye, was fired after coming out as a gay man.

“We’re all entitled to have our own opinions and to live our lives according to our beliefs,” said Dye. “The fact that it was denied to me is wrong and I feel that I am owed compensation for that.”

Many companies follow the employment laws in their states. Gann is hoping that a jury will agree with him and give him compensation for what he believes was discrimination and unfair treatment.

There are also employment laws that protect those who work in government jobs and the military. This means there may be a lawsuit against a gay worker. if he or she was denied advancement in his or her job. That lawsuit is unlikely to succeed because many gay people already are in top positions within the government and the military.

If this employee lawsuit does succeed, Walgreens can make changes to its hiring practices to prevent future discrimination. The company has hired an outside consultant to evaluate the way it screens job applicants and hires new workers. This consultant’s report is expected to be released before Christmas.

The report will examine how the Walgreens warehouse works and how it handles complaints from employees and others. It will also examine whether it can implement more effective policies to prevent discrimination.

So, what is the likelihood of Walgreens winning this case? It depends on whether the consultant finds it was a wrongful firing for discrimination. if it was or not.

The consultant found that there were no discriminatory reasons behind the firing. but it does not necessarily mean the company was right to fire Mr. Gann for his sexual orientation. The consultant can only conclude what happened, not know why it happened.

An attorney who specializes in such lawsuits says that there are many things that are beyond the scope of a consultant’s expertise. These include, how this person, or persons, came to be fired in the first place, how they were treated by management and what caused them to become a target for discrimination.

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