Walmart Pharmacy Lawsuits

Walmart pharmacies in the United States are being targeted by many class action lawsuits. The company has been found negligent in its policies and procedures regarding workers compensation and this has opened doors for the company in terms of dealing with its employees. As of now, there is no definite timeline for when the company will face such issues so it is important for both current and future customers to become informed about these lawsuits in order to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

As of right now there are around four thousand complaints coming from Walmart customers who have filed lawsuits.

Most of these complaints pertain to improper prescriptions and negligence on the part of pharmacists at the stores. A few of these cases have also gone to court resulting in settlements or verdicts in favor of the plaintiffs.

It should be noted that most of the lawsuits filed today pertain to generic drug issues.

Generic drugs are not subject to the same regulations as patented drugs. As a result, a generic drug can be held responsible for the actions of a company that markets an over-the-counter version of the drug. In some situations where a patent is being infringed upon, additional lawsuits can be filed.

It should be noted that a number of pharmaceutical companies have launched their own investigation into whether or not Walmart was responsible for the actions of an employee in its Sam’s Club pharmacy.

An official report has yet to surface but one lawsuit has already been filed. Another suit has been filed against the company. A class-action suit has also been filed in a Florida federal court.

It should be noted that a number of lawsuits have been brought against large drug companies for their actions.

Merck was sued for not keeping its pumps in working order. It was sued for wrongful death of a child because of the child taking a potentially deadly antidepressant. And, J&J Peppermint Plus was sued over an ingredient that is used to help alleviate ADHD symptoms.

Clearly, there are legal concerns with these types of pharmaceuticals.

But, what is also clear is that Walmart’s pharmacies are in competition with many of the well-known drug companies that market their products at retail stores across the country. Walmart simply wants to stay one step ahead of its competition. It is doing so by putting its customers’ health and safety first. While other companies see the opportunity for greater profits in providing a prescription drug alternative to their current products, Walmart views it as an opportunity to remain the dominant force in the retail industry.

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