Wierd Lawsuits: As an Overview

Legal Issues Related to False Allegation of Rape and Other Werer Crime Cases

When a sexual act is reported to have occurred under the duress of some sort, such as while being raped, a woman can bring a claim against the attacker for damages which include punitive and compensatory damages. In most states a “wrongful belief” defense may be raised to excuse a sex act from being blamed as a rape. These claims have been very common in recent years. They are usually called “Wierd lawsuits”. In this article we will see how these lawsuits are usually brought against those who have merely entertained or been forced into having sex with a partner who was not their spouse or whom they were not engaging in a sexual act with when they falsely accused the other person of rape or of course with other equally applicable legal rationales.

Many people who file such lawsuits find themselves in situations where they are suspects in a crime they did not commit.

In this type of situation the mere fact that they were present at a place where a crime was committed is considered enough to implicate them in the crime. Such lawsuits are sometimes filed against those who are suspected of assisting in the commission of a crime or of aiding and abetting the commission of a crime. In other words if the police think you are involved in a crime, even if you are totally innocent, you can be brought to court. There are very few scenarios in which a defendant would not be able to raise a defense of “juries are only accidents” or “he was only playing around”.

This brings us to the second basic point.

In the majority of the cases, victims are usually eager to press charges and sue for compensation against the men who have abused them. This raises a fundamental question. If you are a victim, why is it not easier for you to sue and seek recompense from the men who have abused you? If you are a willing participant in the crime, there is also a likelihood that the criminal may be so eager to escape detection that he may offer you the chance to recoup your losses from him.

The solution to this problem is simple.

Only the willing participants will take part in cases of abuse against women. If you are a willing participant then it becomes easy for you to pursue your case and the criminals thereby becomes the target of intense media publicity and public attention.

There are many other examples of cases like this.

For instance, the compensation claims stemming from child sexual abuse are almost non-existing today. This is because it is difficult to prove that the child was indeed abused. Even if the law tries to make the argument, the courts usually side with the victim. Only when the victim dies or suffers permanent physical or psychological damage does the legal system take a serious step towards awarding compensation.

Therefore, the best way to secure compensation is to file a case at the earliest opportunity.

It is not necessary to hire an attorney at the very beginning. You can simply take the help of public lawyers, who specialize in litigating sexual abuse cases.

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