Xarelto Blood Clot Lawsuit

A blood clot lawsuit filed in New Orleans claims that the drug, Xarelto, caused severe internal bleeding, requiring a week-long stay in the intensive care unit. This could lead to life-threatening complications. In addition, the resulting complication would require heart surgery and numerous blood transfusions. Fortunately, the drug’s makers have settled the 25,000-claim-count.

The most common reason people file these types of lawsuits is to recover financial compensation for injuries caused by a dangerous drug.

In the case of Xarelto, a patient may need to spend long periods in the hospital, incur significant long-term medical costs, and miss time from work. While a lawsuit against a manufacturer is unlikely to bring a huge windfall, it can mean a lifetime of hardship for a patient and his or her family.

The statute of limitations for Xarelto blood clot lawsuits varies by state. In most states, the clock starts ticking when the injured party knows about the injury. However, contacting an attorney will ensure that a case is viable. It is important to remember that filing a claim before the statute of limitations runs out is critical to your recovery. It’s worth contacting a lawyer right away if you think you may have a valid claim.

Whether or not a patient has filed a Xarelto blood clot lawsuit is largely dependent on the facts of the case.

The drug has a high rate of uncontrolled bleeding and a high cost, making it an attractive option for people suffering from serious medical conditions. Moreover, if you’ve suffered from a clot, you should consult a reputable pharmaceutical attorney immediately. Several states require a certain amount of time for filing a case.

Xarelto blood clot lawsuits may be possible if you had been treated with the drug. Despite the risks, many patients have filed suits against the manufacturer. Those who suffer from these complications can seek compensation by filing a lawsuit. These Xarelto lawsuits are typically filed against Johnson & Johnson and Bayer. This type of lawsuit can be particularly complicated, however.

In recent years, there have been many Xarelto blood clot lawsuits filed.

The majority of these cases were against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Similar lawsuits have also been filed against other manufacturers of blood-thinning drugs. Currently, there are thousands of Pradaxa blood clot lawsuits pending in Pennsylvania and New York. While a large number of Xarelto lawsuits have been filed, few of these suits have been filed against Bayer.

While there are numerous lawsuits filed against the makers of Xarelto, there are not as many cases against Bayer or J& J. These companies stand by the drug’s safety and claim that it has no side effects. Nonetheless, a blood clot lawsuit is often complicated and time-consuming. It is crucial to hire a qualified attorney to represent you in court. In addition to a high-quality medical malpractice lawyer, Xarelto blood clot cases often involve a complex legal process.

Xarelto is the most widely-prescribed blood-thinning drug. Its effectiveness was questioned, and several people have sued for a blood clot. But the FDA isn’t aware of the problem and hasn’t recalled the drug. Although Bayer has not issued a recall of Xarelto, the company is currently under investigation for failing to provide adequate warnings on its label.

In April 2017, the first federal bellwether trial was held in Texas, which resulted in a verdict for Bayer and Janssen.

The verdict was a partial victory for the Xarelto makers. Plaintiffs argued that the manufacturers should have warned patients about the risk of clotting. The drug is a widely-prescribed blood-thinning medication, but it does not cure all of the conditions associated with it.

While the drug manufacturers deny the allegations of not adequately warning patients, they have acknowledged that the drug’s side effects were rare and unremarkable until the drug became a popular medication. But despite the Xarelto blood clot lawsuit, the FDA is investigating the cause of the bleeding and is considering the lawsuit. It will also examine the claims made by the plaintiffs and their attorneys.

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