American Traffic Solutions Lawsuit – Meeks Discusses Dominguez Lawsuit

The American Traffic Solutions lawsuit is a class action lawsuit that was filed against the Phoenix-based company. It has received a great deal of media coverage in both local and national outlets since its inception. In the process, many misconceptions about this case have been perpetuated by those seeking to undermine it.

Under the terms of the agreement, American Traffic Solutions will establish a $3.5 million lawsuit settlement for drivers who were ticketed while driving through Phoenix. The corporation has yet to admit any liability or wrongdoing. However, anyone who has been ticketed before August 2020 in any of the 18 cities represented in the lawsuit and was found to be legally innocent after paying the fine would be entitled to receive some funds from the suit. The amount of money may vary between one and three hundred thousand dollars but will be decided after an initial review of each case. No one is excluded from receiving any payment from the suit, which means you are not required to hire a lawyer to represent you in the case.

Although the original complaint against the company was filed in Arizona-based courts, the case is now being litigated in federal courts. The complaint was originally filed in Phoenix, but has since been moved to Washington DC.

The case was initiated by former Phoenix resident, Lisa Dominguez, who was stopped by Phoenix police officers and charged with driving under the influence (DWI) in April 2020. She received a citation, was taken to jail, and later had to go through an alcohol treatment program. She was also told that she would be required to attend a driver’s training school and complete a DUI education course.

Despite being charged with a felony, Dominguez was eventually found guilty of DWI in January 2020. This resulted in her being placed in jail for five days, but not being allowed to drive until the court case was resolved. In addition, she was required to get ignition interlock devices installed on her vehicle.

After her arrest, Dominguez contacted her defendant’s lawyer, David O’Brien, who advised her to immediately start collecting information regarding the case. She also sought out advice on whether or not to proceed with the case. O’Brien advised her that she had the right to challenge the citation and claim her civil rights. According to Arizona state law, the driver of another vehicle who is charged with a felony can sue to challenge the citation.

O’Brien was unable to find a qualified personal injury attorney in Phoenix that handling these types of cases. He then referred her to attorney Michael Meeks, who represented him in the case. Meeks worked on the case for over two years before he was successfully able to negotiate a settlement with the City of Phoenix, which resulted in Dominguez’s right to pursue her claim.

This lawsuit challenges the validity of the city’s stop, as well as the police officer’s failure to warn Dominguez about his or her rights. Meeks also claims that the stop was not reasonable based upon Arizona law. Additionally, he says that the officer violated the constitutional rights of citizens by not taking steps to verify that Dominguez was legally intoxicated. In a news release published by O’Brien, Meeks stated that there was probable cause to suspect Dominguez was intoxicated even before she left the scene. He further contends that there was no other way for the officer to determine whether or not she was legally intoxicated because of her slurred speech and inability to take an object off of her car keys.

In a telephone interview with O’Brien, he described the experience as one of the most difficult times of his life, saying that it was extremely stressful, embarrassing, and frustrating. He continued:

“The reason this case is important is that if I had lost it, I never would have been able to pay my bills. If this were a typical case, I would have had to take out a mortgage on my house, sell my car, and move to another part of Arizona. This would have caused a lot of stress and frustration for me and my family.”

As previously stated, Meeks represented Dominguez in the case. He said that the settlement was very fair and acceptable, and that it helped to ease the stress of the situation for both parties. Afterward, Meeks indicated that the outcome of the case provided him with peace of mind and relief from fear of the possible future consequences of a DWI case.

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