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Pain and Suffering Settlements: You Should Consider Estate Planning

You may have heard of this phrase before. When a person is involved in an accident, in addition to their medical expenses, they typically also claim “pain and suffering”.

But what does it mean? This term encompasses the mental agony, psychological harm, and pain suffered by the victim due to a traumatic event like a car accident, for example. Some consequences of an accident are not readily visible to the naked eye. This includes resulting disabilities, the inconvenience caused, embarrassment, depression, loss of sleep, impact to sex life,  and overall deterioration of  mental health.

Don’t settle for less

Have you been in an accident? Have you experienced any of these listed above? The psychological injuries can outlive a broken leg. If you are considering bringing a claim against the person responsible for your injuries, do not sell yourself short by only requesting payment for out of pocket expenses. Contact a car accident attorney. They will inform you of your rights and prospects.

In order to be eligible for compensation in a personal injury case under this heading, you would have to have experienced pain and suffering as a result of the accident that resulted in the personal injury.

However, you don’t need to have been injured significantly to be paid under this heading. The stress or fear that you were put in as a result of the incident are considered by a court. For example, an expert medical report could be used to show that you experience severe and sustained PTSD after being put in fear of losing your life.

So, how much could I actually get?

Damages that you can’t easily prove by tendering receipts and invoices with dollar figures are non-economic damages. So, while you may be able to tell immediately how much of your income you’ve lost as a result of not being able to work, it’s not as easy to put a dollar amount on how much pain and suffering you have endured. Expert medical evidence from a doctor who has examined you and documented your progress is necessary for this to be quantified.

Why should I consider Estate Planning?

Estate planning may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it’s important to consider. A wills attorney can help you protect your assets and ensure that they are properly distributed upon your passing. They can also assist with setting up end of life healthcare decisions and guardianship for minor children. Planning for these things now means peace of mind for both you and your loved ones in the future. Don’t leave the fate of your estate up in the air – consulting with an estate planning attorney is an important step in ensuring that your wishes are carried out. Plus, estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy – it’s important for anyone with assets or dependents to make sure they are properly taken care of after you’re gone. So why not start estate planning today? It’s one less thing to worry about tomorrow.

Time is of the essence

How long ago was the accident? According to the Colo. Rev. Stat. Sec. 13-80-102 of 2020,  you have two years to bring an action in court from the date the incident happened.

Begin the process of gathering supporting evidence. This may be tedious and unearth weaknesses in your case that should be addressed early. You shouldn’t wait to retain an attorney even if the accident just happened.

Don’t forget to book a consultation with an estate planning lawyer. Your loved one’s future is as important as winning your settlement!

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