Race For Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney

There are three candidates in the race for Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney. Amina Matheny-Willard, Megan Zwisohn, and Ramin Fatehi are all Democrats. Each has experience in criminal defense and graduated from Old Dominion University. All are running to succeed outgoing Commonwealth Attorney Greg Underwood. During the campaign, Fatehi spoke about the role he wants to play in the community.

The office of the Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney prosecutes crimes, including homicides, and some misdemeanors.

It also handles certain civil matters, such as forfeiture actions against property used in crimes and election laws. Fatehi is the first African-American woman to serve as a Norfolk commonwealth attorney. If elected, Fatehi will start his four-year term as the city’s attorney on Jan. 1, 2019.

Fatehi is an African-American attorney who worked in the commonwealth attorney’s office during his campaign. While Greg Underwood was a Democratic candidate, he decided not to run in the general election. He won the job in a special election in 2009 and did not file for the primary before the March 25 deadline. This leaves Fatehi as the only viable candidate for Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney.

Fatehi has been a prosecutor for eight years in Norfolk. Before coming to Norfolk, he served in Chesapeake and Richmond.

He is the chairman of the Office’s Criminal Justice Reform Working Group and advises current Commonwealth’s Attorney, Ramin Underwood, on criminal justice reform initiatives. Aside from his role as Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney, Fatehi has been a prominent member of the legal community for the past five years.

Fatehi has worked in the Norfolk Commonwealth’s attorney’s office during his campaign. He was endorsed by Greg Underwood, who did not file for the primary. The Norfolk Republican Party did not field a candidate, and a single independent filed by the March 25 deadline. Thus, Fatehi will serve as the city’s commonwealth attorney for the next four years.

In addition to the criminal justice system, the Office of the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney prosecutes misdemeanor and felony charges.

It also handles cases related to election law, civil forfeiture actions, and a host of other issues. The office is led by the office’s Commonwealth Attorney, who is elected by residents of the city. The Office of the Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney is staffed by several paralegals, legal secretaries, and other staff. The offices also employ victim/witness services specialists.

As a black woman, Fatehi’s victory is a win for the Black Lives Matter movement. She is the first Muslim woman to serve as Norfolk’s commonwealth attorney, and she was endorsed by Greg Underwood in the 2009 special election. She has since embraced the Black Lives Matter movement. The Democratic nominee aims to change the criminal justice system. She says the new city needs more diversity in its government and will support any efforts that will make the community safer for everyone.

The Office of the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney prosecutes felony and misdemeanor charges.

It also handles certain civil cases, including violations of election laws. The office of the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney is staffed by attorneys, paralegals, and victim/witness services specialists. In addition, prosecutors, investigators, and staffers support Fatehi. Further, it includes a victim/witness services specialist.

Fatehi was chosen to be the Norfolk Commonwealth’s attorney. As a Democrat, she won the election against Republican candidates and Hillary Clinton. She has embraced the Black Lives Matter movement and said her victory gives her the mandate to change the criminal justice system in the city. The office is staffed by lawyers, legal secretaries, and paralegals, as well as a victim/witness services specialist.

Norfolk’s District Attorney’s Office has two primary roles. She represents the people of Norfolk. In criminal cases, she brings a case in the name of the Commonwealth. The case is known as Commonwealth v. Smith. She has a dual responsibility to prosecute violators of the law and to refuse to prosecute those who do not have a high probability of being guilty. The city has a large number of citizens and many police officers, making it difficult to handle this type of legal issue in the area.

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