Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The Samsung refrigerator ice maker has been a source of complaints since July 2015, when a group of consumers identified several model numbers as having problems with the ice maker. The company hasn’t issued a recall of the refrigerators in question. Some consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company and are now receiving partial refunds. Other consumers have made YouTube videos to share their stories and are awaiting a Samsung refrigerator class-action lawsuit settlement.

The class-action lawsuit has been ongoing since last July when the Samsung ice maker stopped working.

While the company isn’t denying that the ice maker is defective, the lawsuit claims that it has failed to issue a recall and offer a repair or replacement. As a result, many consumers have filed lawsuits. The Samsung refrigerator class-action lawsuit, which lists more than 20 models, claims that the company knew of the defect for several years and failed to fix or replace the ice maker. The plaintiffs are seeking a full refund or partial reimbursement of their costs.

In response to these complaints, Samsung has issued a service bulletin in July 2015, expanding on the problems described by many consumers. This service bulletin is included in the lawsuit on page 39. The lawsuit claims that Samsung knew about the problems for years, but refused to replace or repair the ice maker. Despite these allegations, Samsung has offered partial refunds and has also responded to some customers through Facebook.

WRTV Investigates found that thousands of consumers had filed complaints about the Samsung refrigerator.

The company has notified the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Product Safety Commission but still failed to offer a repair or replacement. The plaintiffs’ attorneys say Samsung issued a service bulletin in July 2015 that expands on the problems described by numerous consumers. The attorney general’s office has received 44 complaints about the Samsung fridge since 2009.

Currently, the Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit settlement is ongoing, but it’s unclear whether it will be settled. The company has not responded to requests for a statement, but it has told ABC Action News that it is working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, the class action has been filed in Virginia, where the company has to fix the problems. The complaint states that the manufacturer has failed to repair the defective ice maker.

The Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit was filed in Virginia after consumers complained about their defective ice maker.

The settlement is expected to settle the case for the consumers. It also provides them with compensation for the inconvenience caused by the faulty ice maker. NBC 6 Responds received more than a dozen reports of problems related to the Samsung refrigerator. The attorney representing the Samsung refrigerator in the case is Darryl Myhre.

The lawsuit lists more than 20 models of Samsung refrigerators. It cites the manufacturer’s failure to recall the product and to replace faulty units. The Samsung fridge has a faulty ice maker. If you bought a Samsung refrigerator in 2010, you can join the Facebook group. The lawsuit claims that the company has been aware of the problems and has not repaired them. It offers a partial refund instead of a replacement.

Thousands of Samsung refrigerators have been recalled in recent months.

The manufacturer has also been ordered to pay damages to consumers. As a result of the problems, the lawsuit lists more than 20 models. The company is not yet publicly apologetic about the lawsuit but has declined to comment on the matter. Its lawyers have said that it is working with the class action lawsuit to settle the issue.

The plaintiffs have been filing a class-action lawsuit against Samsung for the past decade. The lawsuit claims that the Samsung refrigerators have been recalled multiple times, but have not been adequately repaired. There are also complaints about the ice-making mechanism. This defect has led to wet ice and slushy ice. Furthermore, the plaintiffs allege that the manufacturer has failed to issue a recall.

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  1. I bought a Samsung refrigerator on Feb. 18, 2021, model RF28T5021SG/AA-SKU6417764 if I had known about the lawsuit I would not have bought Samsung. The ice maker does not work properly and the bottom freezer does not open all the way because it freezes. They did try to fix it but didn’t. They even exchanged it because I hounded them but the second one does the same thing. What a real pain just to get a refrigerator that works. I want to be part of the class-action lawsuit. They should be made to sell appliances that work especially since they want us to pay for them.

    1. In October 2020, we also purchased a four-door Samsung refrigerator (same model – RF28T5021SG/AA). The ice maker has failed (frozen) five times since I purchased it. Getting through to Samsung customer service has been/is difficult at best. It took two hours today. Maybe we’ve been fortunate, but, so far, Samsung’s regional tech service has repaired or replaced the ice maker in each instance. We’re now beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung quits making and/or repairing the replacement ice maker. And I must add that every incident has been very inconvenient and immensely aggravating.

    2. We are having problems with our samsung ice maker. Could you please tell me who you contacted at Samsung to have it looked at?

  2. Our ice maker worked for about two months. When this settles and after payment to the attorneys, I hope there is enough left to buy us a plastic ice tray so we can make ice in the freezer.

  3. I have a Samsung refrigerator which I bought on 9/2014, Model #RF25HMEDBSR from Lowes. I purchased the extended warranty. Within that 3 year period, I had service repairs 5 times on the ice maker. The last time the technician told me my water into the ice maker was running too quickly, which I thought was a joke. I gave up as the warranty expired. I have been making my own ice since then. I bought the refrigerator because I wanted an ice maker. I wish I had never bought Samsung kitchen appliances. I recently came across this recall and wanted to find out how it works. Am I eligible for replacement? I should have complained to Samsung a long time ago. Actually, the warranty stated that after so many repairs, the issue wasn’t corrected, they should provide you with a new item. I thought I’d be fighting a losing battle, but now I see many others have had the same problem.

    1. Samsung loves to frustrate the consumer with all the run around they do. I am on my 2nd rf32 with same problems, they love to make you jump and run around like crazy person. My rep from home depot was very good, he gave them what for when they tried to play with him, he went right to the top after about an hour and got me a replacement. Now the2nd one has the same problem, samsung has this thing about how lose the comsumer for good, by not addressing the issues, I am STILL waiting for a resolution. NEED my money refunded NOW.

  4. I bought a Samsung double door refrigerator ice maker doesn’t work never received any recall notice bought it at lowes can’t get anyone to fix it, no service repair company will not fix any Samsung appliance.

  5. I purchased my Samsung refrigerator in November 2018. One month after the warranty was up I had to have them come out since my ice maker quit working. My ice maker melted in my refrigerator and yes I have a photo of it. They’ve been back three more times. The second time because it was leaking on my floor. The tech said that there wasn’t styrofoam in the back of my refrigerator. He had to get some from me that I had in my garage. Piece of garbage. How can I get in on this lawsuit?

    1. Did you find out how to sign up for the Samsung lawsuit? I see many folks having the same problem with the ice makers. Would you please pass on the info if you found out. Thanks

      1. i also have a sam sung frig and have the ice maker changed and stll week after week im defrosting it cause of ice build uo

  6. I have a Samsung smart hub refrigerator and the ice maker keeps breaking plus another part of Samsung charge me a lot to fix it plus they made me pay a separate service cost reach problem related to the ice maker. Samsung products suck.

  7. I purchased my Refrigerator in December 2015. Start having problems with the ice maker freezing and then it started to unthaw my food. We are still having problems to this day. the repairman told us that they will not replace it. We have to purchase ice so, we decided to purchase an ice maker. We have to call a repairman out at least 2 times a year, some years 3 times. I will never purchase another Samsung product again. Good thing we have a home warranty and we only have to pay $75.00 a visit because we would have to pay. We are seniors and we are on a fixed income. Please add me to your class action lawsuit. Thank you very much.

  8. The irony of all these complaints about the icemaker for me is that I never hooked it up because I had the refrigerator in a “temporary location.” My current problem is that I have water under the refrigerator drawers and some stuff is molding pretty quickly. I spent over an hour with a customer service agent that I could barely understand that said my refrigerator was set too cold at 35o and then eventually told me my refrig was too old and he could not find any service person to repair it. He then said that he could not help me! So, I set it to 37o and am gearing up to remove and clean and then spray disinfectant on the walls before I reload it. I have always hated the vegetable drawers because they are almost impossible to remove and replace and they have areas in the front that collect unremovable debris.

    1. We have a 10-year old fridge. We recently discovered a puddle on the kitchen floor and it turned out that water was leaking onto the floor of the fridge. There was a 1/2″ slab of ice under the big drawer. We are fed up and are in the process of getting a new fridge. Every day, I have to soak up the water in that area. We’ve have numerous problems with the drawers opening & closing and also the water/ice dispenser is full of mildew. No more Samsung fridge for us.

  9. How do I file for a Samsung refrigerator lawsuit? I have 4 refrigerators that are all under this class action lawsuit.

  10. I have a Samsung Refridgerator Model # RF25HMEDBSRAA Icemaker is No Good. The Upper Refridgerator Also Freezes Up with Ice Coming Out of the Vents in Rear Causing it to Warm Up. To Date I have Spent $800 on Repairs to Appliance Repair Companies Replacing Circuit Boards and other Parts.

    1. i have same problem with the refrigerator RF28HMEDBSRAA .
      called Samsung many times and all what they want to do is to send a repair guy to fix the cooling. My food was spoiling. So i paid a technician to remove the ice. Now in few days The fan start to make noise as if the ice is building up. I paid more than 200$ to remove the ice.


  11. How do I become part of the lawsuit? We even bought the extra warranty and had repaired several times and the top ice maker doesn’t work at all the bottom one just when it wants to. It’s annoying.

  12. Defective Ice Maker with my Samsung side by side. It leaks water under my meat tray where I have to break out 1/4″ ice every month otherwise I can’t open the tray. The Ice maker also freezes up whereby no ice is rendered. We COMPLETELY furnished our home with all new Samsung appliances, what a mistake. We’ve replaced the washing machine, had to replace knobs on the gas stove and the side by side refrigerator issues !!!!!

  13. We bought a Samsung RFG237AARS in July 2013. Since then the refrigerator buzzes very loud with ice coming out of the vents behind the “Twin Cooling Plus” area. This has happened numerous times and Samsung has done nothing to help us with their product. Then there is the ice maker problem, in addition to, freezing up the problem. The ice maker has not functioned properly since day one with a frozen ice sheet that sits at the bottom of the ice bin. It makes the metal auger incapable of breaking the ice sheet and now it cracked the body of the ice storage area. We called Samsung 8 times being told the ice maker is not covered and there is no way to fix it. We tried to turn off the ice maker while we thawed the block of ice, but even though it was off, ice still came out creating another frozen slush! We used to try thawing it numerous times, but now, after only 8 years, we are sick and tired of dealing with these problems, so today we bought a new refrigerator, not a Samsung!! We want to be part of this class-action lawsuit against Samsung. The replacement refrigerator cost us, an elderly couple on a fixed income, $3,000 when there should be plenty of years left!!

  14. We bought our #RF23M8070SRAA Samsung 3 years ago. At the beginning of last year, we started having issues with the ice maker. It kept over freezing, would not make ice and because it would over freeze we could not get the tray out. We have defrosted the ice maker multiple times. It got to the point where we were defrosting it almost every 2 weeks to every month! It would be good for a little bit but ah again it would go right back to freezing up. This became very annoying and frankly should not be a problem on a refrigerator that cost us $4000+! We finally just shut the ice maker off and I have been having to make ice with trays…had I known I was going to need to do that, I would have bought a refrigerator with no ice machine and saved the $4000 “upgrade”. This month now we noticed the control panel started blinking and throwing error codes, C-39 and C-40. After researching it we found that these were due to the ice maker. After further research, we found out about the ice maker issues and lawsuit against Samsung for the faulty ice maker issues! We called Samsung right away and they said they would handle the ice maker costs for a tech to come out and fix it. The tech is supposed to be here today because that was the soonest but Tuesday night (3/1/2022) I had to call Samsung at 10 pm to let them know the entire control panel is now not on or working at all. The refillable pitcher is not refilling properly and the fridge completely shut off! No power, nothing. Everything in the fridge will be lost if they can not get someone out sooner. It has now been having power issues and is glitchy. The woman on the phone assured me it would be handled and the current ticket for the tech would be updated so Samsung would make it right and take care of this without any cost to us. Even though it is out of warranty they will because it is the ICEMAKER ISSUE! When I called to confirm with the tech that the ticket had been updated they said no. So I had to call Samsung again and of course, they say they have to cancel the current ticket because it is a new issue and it won’t be covered! I said it is because of the ice maker why is it not covered? They again said they are not the tech so they don’t know if it was the ice maker. So I said well then leave the ice maker ticket so the tech can check it out! We are not paying for a service that is due to a faulty product! We have a formula we have to keep in the fridge for our middle son who has a rare bone disease and if I can not rely on a fridge that I bought for $4000 to last more than 3 years or have the company make it right for me as the consumer, I absolutely will not be purchasing any other Samsung products! Does anyone have any insight on what we can do?

  15. How do you join the class action lawsuit? Our daughter has one of these and it’s been nothing but a problem.

    1. I would like to join the lawsuit against Samsung refrigerator built in icemaker because my built in icemaker drips, freezes and stops working. I can document at least 4 service calls to repair it, with the final call stating that it can’t be repaired due to manufactures’ defect.

  16. these ref. are pieces of crap i have already spent enough money looking at it in the trash can.i am retired and on ss cant aford this anymor,by the way how in the world do you get tour name on list fi=or law suit all i get is from one site to another?????

  17. My Samsung French door refrigerator ice maker continues to ice up. In addition the displayed temperature is 38F while the actual measured temperature is 46F. The model number is RF23HSESBSR/AA. A replacement ice maker and circuit board failed to fix the problem.

  18. I also have one of the lovely pieces of junk. The amount of money I have spent on replacing everything in the fridge because it can’t stay cool enough. I thought the twin cooling system meant it would keep my groceries the correct temp. nope. Ice Maker…I’m so over it. Just finished taking everything out of my fridge. I want in on the lawsuit. Has anyone figured out how to join? From what I have read, no reply to the question…..

    1. Try this phone number. It is the law firm that is handling the settlement of the class action. I filled out a claim several years ago and they contacted me. Maybe they can point you in the right direction on how to file a claim now. 1-856-772-7xxx

      1. I have the same issue with my Samsung refrigerator. What was the full number 1-856-772 – ? Thank you this has been a nightmare.

  19. Hello, My name is Kimberly S Singletary & My Husband Kelvin & I bought a Samsung Refrigerator from Lowe’s & it stopped working properly about a week in a half ago. The Home warranty place said they’ll only pay $200.0 on Repairing the Refrigerator. I don’t understand how that’s fair when We pay on time every month. I heard about Samsung having lawsuits for refrigerators working poorly & would like to know where do We sign up? Please Help Us & Call Us with information on Our next step. It’s almost like We’re being punished for a Name Brand Company that should put out better products or pull their refrigerators instead of continuing to sell them knowing they had issues.

  20. I have a Samsung RF28JBEDBSR/AA – I have just quit using the ice make and buy ice. It has been repaired at least four times and the last tech told me he would see me in 3 months. I purchased it in Summer 2017.

  21. We began leasing our Samsung refrigerator back in 2020 from Aaron’s who believed had the best products. After months of having the refrigerator it began this buzzing noise and we discovered that the unit had issues with the ice maker. Had we known this was an issue we would never have began the lease. After two years with the same issue we were told to purchase it and we would be refunded what we paid into it in 2022 we did just that. Silly and genuine hearted us we went on the word of Samsung, guess what? They are giving us a hard time, before finding out this is a nationwide issue, they made us feel we were an isolated case, knowing full well they are responsible. If they would have offered to replace the refrigerator before knowing this is not the only Model# with the issue I may would have said yes, but now no. We are not trying to get over on anyone but we paid for a working refrigerator that guarantees 10 years of working service. My wife is a diabetic we need a working refrigerator for her insulin to stay cold. This is not right when you have a brand you should stand by that brand. Just refund us what we paid, period! My heart goes out to the thousands of customers that are going through this right now.

  22. I also would like to join the class action suit! Problems with the ice maker after the first year!

  23. I am having the same problems as described above with a Samsung refrigerator purchased in 2018. Please add me to the law suit.

  24. I purchased a Samsung refrigerator model RF28T5001SR/AA in February 2021 and the compressor went bad after 8 months and now 4 months later the ice maker stopped working. I hate this fridge!!! How do I join the class action lawsuit?

  25. our fridge has done the freezing up thing for along time. I hear that there is a class action lawsuit against Samsung and I would like to be apart of it. How do I do this?

  26. My Samsung French Door Refrigerator has a puddle or Ice build up under the vegetable draws,,
    food freezes in the refrigerator section constantly. Ice maker work. the defrost doesn’t and when it does the everything in the freezer defrosts. I want to be part of the class action please tell me how to apply.

  27. I just posted my problems with the Samsung French door. I would like to be part of the class action against Samsung. Can someone post how to join the class action suit. I see several others have asked.

  28. I have a 4 door side by side bought in late 2018, ice maker started freezing up. Samsung stepped up even after their 1 yr. warr. with a fix. It’s been a little over 2 yr’s and now it’s no longer making ice at all? I’ve tried all the quick fix’s. I would like to join your class action law suit.

  29. I purchased my Samsung in 2015 it has French doors and a middle meat/cold drink drawer w/drawer freezer. The ice maker has never worked right we had the water lines changed a few months ago and now ice builds up under the freezer drawer causing the freezer door not to shut. I have to get on my hands and knees and chop the ice out so my freezer door will shut and work properly. The ice maker will work sometimes but not all the time. This has been going on for a few months

  30. Lots of questions here about how to join the class action suit, but no answers. I haven’t been able to figure out how to join either. Anybody??

  31. My Samsung ice maker in the refrigerator doesn’t work. Some time ago that ice maker was the replacement for the original one that also died. It has French doors and a bottom ice maker that still works but it is very clear Samsung continues to pass their problem ice makers on to us.

  32. I have a 2016 Honda Civil with a rear window defective paint job. The first time I agreed to cover 25% of the cost and I had to rent a car for transportation. The same problem has occurred to the opposite site of the rear window. Why must I now have to be burdened again with the cost of repair and transportation if this is a defect in the manufacturing process? I have referred this from the local dealership to corporate. Any suggestions?

  33. I have a RF28R6241SR/AA and the top ice maker has not worked for a full year- it is frozen solid. I would like to join the class action lawsuit.

  34. I have a 2019 Samsung refrigerator. I was told today that the ice maker needs replacing. It has frozen up once and is currently leaking water into the crisper and out the right hand corner of the freezer. I called Samsung and even though I’m out of warranty, they are covering the parts and labor to replace the ice maker. My advice is to call since this has been settled. You might be surprised.

  35. I’m with the hundreds of disappointed consumers on Samsung refrigerator, our ice make has never worked properly and it doesn’t keep proper temperatures. I’m surprised we haven’t been sick from the temperatures not staying as cold as it should.

  36. I am also a samsung refrigerator owner who has had problems. I didn’t even realize the problems I was having were common until just recently. I have the french door model with the pull out freezer on the bottom. The freezer wouldn’t pull all the way out and I didn’t realize it was because of freezing. I also had severe ice buildup in the back and in the ice maker. I also had water leaking and collecting in the bottom of the refrigerator under the 3rd pull out tray for beverages and such.

    I paid out of pocket to have the defrosting issue fixed, and thought that would fix the ice maker too, because I thought the ice buildup there was related to the ice buildup in the back. After I unplugged my refrigerator for 5 days to allow it to defrost before the service technician came out, and all the ice melted, it became possible to pull the freezer drawer out all the way. Woah! I had forgotten that it came out that far! But after having the defrost problem fixed, the ice maker still didn’t work. I reported that and to Samsungs credit, they paid for the repair. The scheduled it, it took 1 week after reporting it to have it fixed. My refrigerator is out of warranty though as I bought it in late 2017. I am hoping to get another 5 years out of it but who knows. These things are EXPENSIVE! I know people that have refrigerators that are 40 years old still chilling beer and wine in their garages, so it seems that a refrigerator bought in 2017 should last more than 5 years! If I have to replace it though, I won’t buy another Samsung.

  37. I have a 12 year old fridge, Samsung French door model with the pull out freezer on the bottom. Twice while I was out of town, I came home with a puddle of water on my kitchen floor leaking from the fridge, and ice under the 3rd pull out drawer, so how do I join the class action Lawsuit. Add my name to the list.

  38. Hello, Pls call me &/or provide me a ph# re the Samsung Refrigerator same as Minnie Chambers complaint. Me too. Tks!

  39. I purchased a very expensive Samsung Hub less than two years ago and have had to have the ice maker repaired/replaced twice already. I too would never have made this purchase if I had any idea of the problems. I believe Samsung is liable for this but also Best Buy. Best Buy had to have known about this problem and never mentioned it.

  40. MODEL # RF263BEAESG/AA 5th time had a service tech come out…..they tell me its a manf. defect… known issue… lawsuits happening…..i called samsung, they are sending a tech out free of charge next week…. but i dont know what this tech is going to do if it cant be fixed….. how do i take action in the lawsuit ?

  41. We have a Samsung refrigerator model #RF22KREDBSR, we have had the service people come out 6 times. the repair only last for 3or4weeks,and back to square one. (its the ice maker)

  42. I’m having the same issue with the ice maker on my Samsung. I would like to join to class action lawsuit as well. The fridge is only 2.5 yrs old.

  43. We purchased the Samsung Refrigerator/Freezer, Model Number: RF28HMEDBSR/AA last year and are experiencing the same problems with the Ice Machine. We have finally stopped using the the Ice-Maker and are freezing Ice with our antique aluminum ice trays. We would like to join the Class-Action Law-Suite as well.

  44. Ice maker on our RF28HMEDBSR/AA has frozen up since a month after purchase in 2014. Also fridge temp fluctuates from 50 deg to 37 deg. Total piece of crap! Count me in.

  45. My Samsung fits in the group of faulty ice makers. How do I submit my claim the courts for reimbursement of costs? Any insights would be appreciated.

  46. would like to know how to sign up. I have a Samsung refrigerator also, been had problem a month after buying it.

  47. We have a side by side Samsung RF28HFEDBSR/AA purchased from Best Buy in 2015 & after the first year same issues with ice maker, freezer freezing over, temp issues & water leaking. We just called Samsung and are waiting for their authorized service repair to come fix the ice maker. Free of charge they said (only ice maker related issues) but we will see what they say. I would’ve never purchased one had I known about this lawsuit & absolutely would love to be in the class action as it’s been an ongoing issue and huge annoyance having to de-ice ice maker almost weekly. Please contact me via email with any information. TYIA

  48. I have experienced the same problem. I purchased a Refrigerator model# RF26J7500SR/AA on Dec of 2018 and was installed in March of 2019. Few months later I started having problems with the ice maker like the comments above. They came and fixed it because still under 1yr warranty. Now I am experiencing that not enough cool inside the refrigerator because the inside back part is frozen. Looking to YouTube most of the people that have bought the Samsung refrigerators are experiencing problems. I will like something to be done to this problem. Refrigerators are to last a while, not just a couple of years. It is more expensive to get it fixed than to buy a new one. How can I get a replacement or a refund?

  49. I have the same problem with my Samsung we bought from Sears along with the extended 5yr warranty. Luckily we did, as I have had the ice maker replaced 4 times and still have the same problem with soft ice, constant drip and or not making ice at all because of ice buildup in the unit itself. So what’s the fix??

    1. I see many times that someone has asked how they can join the class action law suit. Have you received any information pertaining how to be included in it or what identification number is assigned to the class action?

  50. How can I join the class action lawsuit?

    We purchased a 4 door Samsung Refrigerator, February 19, 2019. Since that purchase at least 5 times a year, we had to thaw out our icemaker. In the past 5 months it has frozen up every other week. We have now given up on thawing it out and now we purchase ice to have cold beverages. When you pay that much to have the ice maker and it doesn’t work, that is totally unacceptable!!

  51. would like to become part of the class action lawsuit. repaired a few times, and now it stopped working.

  52. i have MODEL # RF263BEAESG/AA
    i have replaced the ice maker and did all the sealing and it still freezes up, now the ice bucket got trashed, i want in on this lawsuit! i will never buy samsung again!!!

  53. Our purchase of a Samsung Model RF23HCEDBSR Refrigerator has had ice maker problems since we bought it on 4/14/14. We received a “:warranty” service . The technician/repair man said that the problem was that Samsung placed the thermostat in the wrong place. He moved it – “as per a Samsung Service Bulletin” But the ice maker still freezes uop every 1-2 weeks and my husband has to use a spatula and my hair drier to get the unit out and clean up and restart it. Samsung used to be a rusted name – I’d never buy another Samsung product nor recommend one to anyone – just the opposite I would strongly advise people to stay away from anything made by Samsung. The company does not make quality products anymore and does not stand by the products.


  55. How do I join the class action law suit??? My Samsung refrigerator is frozen over completely, for the 3rd time. Did not know this many people were having the same problem.

  56. I have huge issues with the Samsung refrigerator I purchased from Best Buy in 2017. Model #RF28HDEDBSR/AA. I was outside watering my garden for approximately 15 minutes a week ago. When I came back inside there was a massive amount of water all over my hardwood kitchen floor. Discovered huge amounts of water pouring out of the refrigerator. Had to have help to move the refrigerator to turn off the water valve. Used every towel in the house to sop up the water which even traveled to my carpeted floor. Went to the basement and discovered flooding down there as well. Prior to this happening I had found a lot of my food was freezing inside the refrigerator and still is. Had to have a restoration company come in to dry out my floors, carpet and basement. Have tried for a week to get service to see what caused this problem and nobody responds to my pleas. I’m sure there is an ice problem as I can’t even get my deli tray to open, appears to be frozen shut. I paid over $3000 for my french door side by side refrigerator and this is just nuts!!! Please add me to the class action lawsuit.

  57. I purchased a Samsung Refrigerator in 2015 and the icemaker has been changed twice. I would like to join this lawsuit.

  58. This has dragged on for far too long. Our Samsung refrigerator is a great design, but the ice maker is useless. We purchased ours in 2017 and have had it repaired numerous times. It is no longer under warranty,
    so we quit calling the repairman. How can Samsung get away with continuing to sell this awful ice maker? Where is our consumer protection? That’s a rhetorical question…..

  59. my model rf26hfendww has a recurring problem such that it apparenly freezes up then does not maintain refer cooling or freezer temperature. Can I become a litigant in this lawsuit? It has been repaired several times and still has the same problem.

  60. I would like to join the class action for defective Samsung icemakers. We brought our unit in 2015 and very shortly after purchase began having issues with icemaker freezing. We found ourselves having to defrost the icemaker because of excessive ice buildup inside the maker and it would then dispense ice — that is for a short while until it needed to be defrosted again. Now, we are hearing a loud noise from the fan in the back of the fridge. We called a repairman and was told that there is no fix and that this problem is the subject of at least 2 class action suits to date. The most recent, filed in 2017 is no longer accepting members as it is in the mediation/settlement phase. AT A LOSS as to where to turn now. The only way to stop the loud fan grinding noise is by opening the fridge doors but then, obviously, temp in fridge significantly drops. PLEASE HELP – paid almost $2 grand for fridge in 2015 – out of warranty – cannot afford new fridge.

  61. Purchase fridge in 2017, ice maker started freezing up. In 2020 during pandemic lockdowns, it became a major issue. Found instructions on how to defrost and did that several times, no response from Samsung other than authorized service reps, none of whom would come because we were in lockdown. Finally after several months technician came estimated price to fix was about 30% of cost of the fridge. Also told us this was a major issue with Samsung. We managed to get Samsung to pay for most of the repair. After about a year we periodically had to defrost the ice maker. About 2 months ago, it was ridiculously frosted over. Turned it off and bought a countertop ice maker. It definitely does not keep the temp in either the fridge or the freezer at the setting showing on the control panel, usually up to 10 degrees higher but depends on where in the fridge the thermometer is placed. I would like to join this class action lawsuit

  62. I would like to join the class action soon to get Samsung, I have a French door sanitizer that was bought in 2016, the icemaker stays frozen up no ice cues can come out, my brother-in-law comes down about every six months and he would defrost it and and get it working again. This is been going on since 2016 I would like to my name entered in the class action suit….

  63. We also have a Samsung refrigerator that has a ice maker that constantly freeze up. I currently am defrosting it again. I have to do this several times a week. I’d love to get the information to join the law suit. FYI we had a Samsung tech out who fixed one issue we had. I asked him about the ice maker issues he told me he didn’t know if any but the cost to replace it included a new mother board about would be on the upwards $1500.00.

  64. Samsun French door FDR-French door. RF23M8070S march 2018
    We had a tech to fix it couldn’t fix it . Now the control middle door is broke too. We have to defrost the ice maker ever 2 weeks or so . It’s holding a cool temp . Can’t control anything tech said the fan was broke and it would cost a lot if we could get the part. Don’t want to waste anymore money on it.

  65. Is it to late to join the Samsung refrigerator/freezer class action lawsuit, I have the Samsung model #RF28HDEDBSR/AA that the ice maker constantly freezes.

  66. This is fourth service call on my Samsung RF23HCEDBSR for ice maker freezing up. When call was placed they wanted me to FaceTime video the control panel on my refrigerator which they have no right asking for this is invasion of privacy who would do this for someone they do not know! So they sent a contractor out to fix and I have pictures of silicone that they put on running down the inside of my refrigerator wall exposing my food! This is a health issue now I do not know the MSDS of this and don’t know how to treat anyone that may get sick by this! I have requested a call from a Samsung area manager but so far just like there service it’s lacking. Be aware do not take risk of chemicals getting on consumable food without knowing how to treat the illness. This will never dry in a cold refrigerator!

  67. I have filled out this for five times and I have yet to hear anything on the replacement of my refrigerator the icemaker is come pleat Lee demolish Janet the evaporator motor I’ve had to replace two times already I’ve had food bowl in it I really really would like my money back on a product that was defective in the first place please contact me

  68. The date on my samsung RF26xAEWP is Oct 2009, It has always iced over. I had to take a hair dryer to it every few months. Now we are replacing the ice maker and bucket for the second time. I hope something can be done, Also, the moisture in it is a shame, lots of ruined vegs.

  69. I have had the exact same problem. I cant even get the tray open because it freezes solid. Have to force defrost each time. I’ve given up on defrosting because it freezes solid again in a day. Im worried the water line will freeze and burst.

  70. I bought a Samsung 23 CU. FT Counter depth (RF23HCEDBWW) on 11/21/25 thinking this would be the last fridge I’ll ever need to buy!! what a mistake! I paid a lot of money for this fridge, and I have had nothing by troubles with the ice building up in the back side of the fridge and the back panel, which is where the ice builds up and the FAN hits it, and it sounds like a freight train! The ice pops out from the “holes” that are on the back panel!!! I had no idea this was going on until I called a reliable appliance tech who told me that Samsung has known about this problem for years! he said it would cost me over $600 to try to fix it, but the problem will never be fixed as long as the ice maker is in the “fridge” part instead of the “freezer” part to keep the temperature where it should be! He said to call Samsung and have them fix it under the Class Action suit! Samsung did send a company to replace the ice maker after a whole lot of my time on the phone and demanding that they replace the ice make! it did NOT do anything to resolve the ice buildup in the upper back of the fridge wall. He said, they should NEVER have put the ice maker in the same part of the fridge that needs to be at a different temperature, which causes all that ice buildup in the back! and that small “fan” is a joke!
    I want them to give me A NEW Fridge! and NEVER AGAIN will I ever get a fancy fridge which caused me so much aggravation! Shame on you Samsung!

  71. Icemaker first stopped working. Then made a whooshing sound for several days. That sound was replaced by a knocking sound . Now it makes no sound at all, but it doesn’t
    make ice either.
    S/N 102243ADC00081A M/N RF4287HAWP/XAA

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