The J.M Eagle Lawsuit

John Doe’s lawsuit against J.M Eagle was filed in the Northern District of California. John Doe is a licensed private investigator who was a former employee of the California Department of Insurance under the former Insured Risk Management Act. According to a lawsuit complaint, Mr. Eagle hired John Doe and other agents to investigate an auto accident on January 3rd, 2020.

The investigation resulted in finding an uninsured driver who was driving without insurance.

Mr. Doe testified that Mr. Eagle instructed him to get the person’s personal information including his social security number, address and birth date. The car accident report that was produced contained a name but did not contain his driver’s license number, insurance policy number or insurance identification card.

After investigating the accident, Mr. Eagle and his two assistants, Jimmy Moseley and Thomas Dornan, decided to go to court to get Mr. Moseley’s medical bills paid for the injured passenger.

Mr. Moseley was unable to get his medical bills paid because he could not afford it and was told by Mr. Eagle that he would have to prove that the other driver had insurance coverage.

According to the lawsuit complaint, Jimmy Moseley and Thomas Dornan did not have insurance or a copy of their driver’s license when they went to court.

Neither one of them had any idea that the other was an uninsured driver. This was only discovered when they were being sued by Mr. Moseley for the damages he incurred as a result of being in the car.

Mr. Moseley stated that the two agents told him they were going to court because they were representing Mr. Eagle in the case.

He said he was not told that they were doing so at his expense, were going to be paid for their services, or that they would be receiving some compensation for his injuries. Mr. Moseley also stated that after the accident he was not sure if he could even work anymore due to pain from the accident and his broken back.

Jimmy Moseley testified that he was not aware that he was required to pay Mr. Moseley’s medical expenses.

He said he only learned about this requirement after the accident occurred. He stated that he had been told that he needed to pay his own bills if he was injured and not the other driver’s bills.

The plaintiffs alleged in the lawsuit that the three defendants caused the accident by allowing the uninsured J.M Eagle to drive on the street with a revoked license. and failing to provide a sufficient amount of insurance coverage on Mr. Eagle’s vehicle.

The lawsuit charged that the defendants violated the plaintiff’s constitutional right to privacy by producing a document in the public domain and causing the accident.

In addition to the damages, the lawsuit sought compensatory and punitive damages.

According to the complaint, the three defendants violated Mr. Moseley’s privacy by releasing confidential information about his medical condition to the other driver’s attorney and by not providing adequate disclosure of the results of their investigation. In addition to these claims, the defendants violated California’s statute of limitation law which means that it must file the lawsuit within three years of the date the accident occurred. Additionally, the plaintiffs’ complaint claimed that the defendants intentionally destroyed evidence in an attempt to cover up their actions by destroying an e-mail account used in preparing the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs also claim that the defendants did not provide adequate disclosure of the cost of their representation to the plaintiffs, thereby denying them the right to collect their costs on their own.

Furthermore, the plaintiffs argue that the defendants violated the statute of limitations in that the defendants failed to file the lawsuit within three years of the date the accident occurred.

The plaintiffs also stated in the lawsuit that the defendants failed to provide compensation to Mr. Eagle, causing him permanent injuries from the accident.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Moseley was not injured on the accident, but only suffered a broken back and nerve damage from the accident. He claimed the defendants failed to provide adequate compensation for his damages and caused him more pain and suffering because he has to take pain medications.

The J.M Eagle lawsuit is currently before the Superior Court of Orange County, California.

The plaintiff’s complaint can be downloaded online. If you have been injured in a car accident, you should seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer.

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