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When to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident

An auto accident claim is not something anyone takes lightly. When you are involved in an auto accident, one of the first things you are going to be thinking about is how to get your medical treatment and what damages you should be able to get from the other person at fault. The second thing that comes to mind is probably what the other person is liable for because they are the one at fault. But what about the auto accident lawyer? Is he going to be responsible for all the injuries you have or the medical bills you incur as a result of this accident?

It may sound surprising, but you will find out very soon that there is no such thing as a win or lose situation when it comes to hiring an auto accident law firm in Tacoma to settle your claim. This means that whether or not you win or lose depends on how well your negotiation skills are. So how do you make sure you will be satisfied with the services of an auto accident law firm? For starters, keep in mind that this is not like a job interview. You will need to talk to your lawyer about the details of your case and about the possible settlement that you can expect.

Auto Accident Law Firms

So when it comes to auto accident law firms, take advantage of free consultations. Most of these car accident companies offer free consultations, although some will only give you the information you need to know to file the proper claims. This means that you should call their offices or websites to schedule a free consultation so you can tell them exactly what the problem is that you are trying to resolve. If you are having trouble coming up with the money for a settlement or if your car is still in need of repairs, you will be happy to know that most car accident lawyers will work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they won’t charge you unless they win your case.

One thing that you should watch out for when it comes to free consultations offered by auto accident lawyers is whether or not the attorneys really will focus on what you need. For instance, many of these attorneys work primarily on insurance companies and their profits, which is why they won’t spend much time talking about the specifics of your case. This can leave you at a disadvantage because you may find out too late that your car insurance company isn’t willing to pay for all or part of the repairs you need.

So how do you know whether or not your auto accident lawyers will take care of everything for you? The best way is to ask them for a list of clients who have gone through their practice and who are currently fighting against the same insurance company you are fighting against. Chances are that if one of their former clients is currently struggling with a car insurance company, it’s because the lawyer fought the case using the same strategy. If there are more than a few names of successful clients, it’s likely that the auto accident law firm has a good success rate when working with car insurance companies.


In order to get the most out of your car accident attorney, it’s important to take everything he or she says with a whole lot of skepticism. If you don’t feel like you trust the people who will be representing you, it may be better for you to go with a more traditional law firm. However, if you do feel comfortable with their staff and their strategies, an auto accident law firm could very well be your best chance at a fair settlement.

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