Immigration Solicitor

Why Should I Use an Immigration Solicitor?

To some people it comes as a surprise that there is such a thing as an immigration solicitor. What would you need an immigration solicitor for, after all? Well, as it turns out, quite a lot of things.

From helping people put together their visa applications, to constructing appeals for those who have had their application rejected, immigration solicitors help people start their journey to come to the UK. “Every day we help people come to the UK to study, work, invest, or settle down with family. As qualified legal experts, immigration solicitors know UK immigration laws inside out, and use their expertise to help people fulfil their dreams of coming to the UK for whatever reason they want to.

Not only do immigration solicitors help people obtain entry into the UK, but they can also help people who want to take the next step in their journey to becoming a permanent citizen of the UK. In order to be granted permanent residency and after that, British citizenship, you need to submit additional applications with evidence to the Home Office. It is possible to do this by yourself, but with an immigration expert who knows the laws inside out by your side, you definitely stand a better chance of success.

If you’re navigating the complexities of immigration law in Texas, seeking guidance from a skilled Texas immigration lawyer can greatly enhance your chances of success in your legal proceedings.

Visas immigration solicitors can help with

Qualified and accredited immigration solicitors will be able to help their clients with any UK visa application, from start to finish. Whether you wish to come to the UK with the view to eventually settle permanently or just wish to come here temporarily, immigration solicitors will be able to help you with your visa application.

Studying in the UK

The UK has some of the greatest educational institutions in the world, with many offering positions to international students. This is, of course, a great opportunity, so it’s important that you don’t fall at the last hurdle by having your visa application rejected.

There are different types of study visas, each one is intended for specific people and each comes with its own requirements. For example, if you are aged sixteen and above, and want to spend your time in the UK attending a short course of study or conducting a short period of research for your degree, a short-term study visa would probably suit you best. This will allow you to stay in the UK for six months, after which you will have to leave the UK.

If you are aged eighteen and over and wish to come to the UK to study for a longer period than six months, you would probably be better off applying for a general study visa. You will have to meet specific financial requirements to prove you will be able to maintain yourself whilst you live in the UK. There is also a PHD student specific visa which is called the doctorate extension scheme (DES) which is designed to allow PHD students who have almost finished their doctorate in the UK apply for an additional year of residency so they can look for work.

Getting married in the UK

It is possible to come to the UK to get married or enter a civil partnership, and with the help of immigration solicitors the process should run smoothly. The main reason that it’s a good idea to get the advice of an expert for this process in particular is because there are several visas which sound similar, so if you apply for the wrong one you won’t be able to get married.

The marriage visitor visa is the visa you need to get married or enter a civil partnership in the UK and leave within six months. If you want to stay for longer after you and your partner marry, you need to apply for a fiance visa. There are other specifics that your immigration solicitor will be able to run through with you to make absolutely certain that you are applying for the right visa before you do so.

Working in the UK

There are a range of visas available to people who wish to come to the UK to work. Again, because there are so many options, it can be hard to know which visa is most suitable for you to apply for. That’s where the help of an immigration expert will come in handy. They’ll be able to establish whether you should be applying for a temporary work visa or a long-term work visa, a start-up visa or innovator visa.

When there’s a job on the line, it’s really important that you get your visa application right the first time around. The different categories all have different requirements that must be met in order for an application to be successful, so if you don’t fulfil just one of those then you risk your application being denied, which might mean you lose out on a great job opportunity. That’s why it’s always a good idea to seek the advice of an immigration expert before submitting an application, just in case.

Joining family in the UK

Immigration solicitors are often able to help families be joined or reunited in the UK by helping with the applications of individuals, or even whole families. They can help married or unmarried partners start their life together or children join their parents in the UK. It’s even possible for them to assist grandchildren of British citizens in their applications to come to the UK on an ancestry visa.

Though there are many routes to go down to join family members in the UK, as with all other applications there are specific requirements for each visa category. It is crucial to apply for the right visa, because if you don’t it could end up costing you a lot of time and money.

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