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Cedar Rapids Workers’ Compensation Claim: Avoid These Mistakes

Following an injury at work in Cedar Rapids, you have many things to worry about. Before anything else, seek medical care and ensure that you keep up with your treatments. You will need to file a claim to get the workers’ compensation benefits, and while you can do that independently, hiring an expert is always a good idea. An experienced Cedar Rapids workers’ comp lawyer can help you navigate the process. In this post, check the common mistakes that can otherwise cost your claim.

1. Stopping your treatment plan.

Your treating doctor may have recommended physical therapy or a particular line of treatment, and you are expected to follow the same. If you stop your medical treatment before you are completely healed, the insurance company can use this fact against you. their prime argument would be that you didn’t do your best to feel better.

2. Discuss your workers’ compensation claim with people.

While your friends and family members are there to offer emotional support, you shouldn’t be discussing your workers’ compensation claim with anyone other than your attorney. More importantly, don’t discuss your bills, injuries, and complications related to the claim with people at work. The insurance company may use their testimonies against you.

3. Posting details on social media.

Another mistake that you must avoid is putting anything in public about your workers’ compensation claim. Remember that the insurance company will be doing its share of research, and anything you post on social media can be used against you. Wait until the case is resolved before you talk about it.

4. Not looking for jobs.

If you were fired from the job after getting injured, you should continue to look for more new opportunities. Remember that the judges will want to know if you are motivated to get back to work. The judges will not hear blanket statements, and more importantly, if you show that you have been seriously injured and cannot find work even after trying hard, your lawyer can prove that you need the claimed benefits.

5. Not hiring an attorney.

While hiring an attorney for your workers’ compensation claim is not compulsory, you should do that right away. An attorney is your best bet to ensure you don’t give up after the insurance company denies your claim or tries to undermine your injuries.

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