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What is the Value of Car Accident Claims?

In the first analysis, the value of a car accident claim can be difficult to determine. The best way to assess a car accident claim is to consider the damage incurred to a vehicle. In many cases, accidents can be caused due to driving under influence. DUI can be considered a felony, depending on the severity of the injuries and other factors. This means you will likely face thousands of dollars in fines, loss of driving privileges, and jail or prison time. In such a case, you should first consult DUI lawyers in west palm beach. They can help you by arguing for reduced penalties, probation or diversion, dismissal of charges, or an acquittal! The following factors make predicting the value of a car accident claim difficult, namely:

As per no-fault law, which generally requires each driver to carry Personal Injury Insurance (PIP) coverage; makes estimating the value of a car accident claims difficult. Under this law, when one driver hits another at an unreasonable rate of speed; the other driver is at fault for any damages to the other driver’s vehicle.

Personal injury insurance

While personal injury insurance covers all damages to a vehicle and persons who are injured in a collision, PIP is more focused on property damage; such as loss of property or any other physical or financial damage. Most car accident claim specialists agree that car accidents involve both property and bodily injuries.

  • The general rule is that car accidents are paid for only if there were no property damage and no bodily injury. This law makes it difficult to get a claim if a car accident claim specialist determines that the car was not damaged in any way.
  • Many car accident claim specialists require drivers to submit a comprehensive vehicle insurance application; which lists both bodily injuries and property damage, to get a car accident claim.
  • Another complication for car accident claim specialists is the fact that law requires drivers to file a report within 24 hours of the accident to their insurance company.
  • Car accident claim specialists have to wait until this document is filed before determining the value of a car accident claim. It also requires that the driver submits to his/her insurance company a list of passengers who were traveling with him/her; and also submit photos of the vehicle and any injuries sustained.

To make up for these complications and issues, many car accident claim specialists offer car accident claims discounts to their clients. To qualify for the discounts; car accident claim specialists have to provide a complete written statement about the accident and its aftermath. A qualified car accident claim specialist can help the client to secure the best possible discount.

Discounts available for car accident claims include:

  • general liability insurance discounts,
  • personal property damage discounts,
  • car repair discounts,
  • medical payment discounts,
  • personal injury discounts, and other discounts.

These discounts can be used in combination to obtain the most favorable insurance coverage available.

Experienced car claim specialist

An experienced car claim specialist’s responsibility in a case is to provide legal advice, counsel and represent a client throughout the process of a car accident claim settlement. The car accident claim specialist is a valuable asset to insurance companies; because he/she has access to many sources of information regarding laws, insurance rules and regulations of the state where a claim is filed.

The insurance company would not be able to fully protect their client from fraudulent claims if they did not have the assistance of a car accident claim specialist. In some states, a specialist is required by law to retain a lawyer to serve as a legal advisor.

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