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Why does My personal Injury Claim Take Too much Time?

After you have been injured in an accident, you will file a personal injury claim with an insurance company if you want to get compensated for injuries and losses. In most cases, it takes time to get a reply from the insurance company on the claim submitted. The insurance company may take more time to approve or refuse the claim than expected. In this case, Bakersfield personal injury lawyers are the best people as they can interact with these companies effectively. Some of the reasons for the delay are mentioned below:

Involvement of more than one party

If there are more people involved in your case, the insurance company can take more time to pay. This is because they have to investigate more people. On the other hand, if there is one party involved, the investigation task is less for the insurance company. In case of the involvement of more people, the insurance company can take more time to establish the liability.

Reviewing policies

The insurance company has to review the policy you may have to get the compensation. In the case of a third-party claim, the company will get in touch with its client and know about the policy and its terms and conditions. If it stands valid, other parameters have to be considered such as timelines and injuries covered. If the policy offers the desired benefits, the insurance company will notify the client.

Evaluation of damages, injuries and losses

The plaintiff will submit all the documents related to injuries, losses and vehicle damages. These documents need to be verified from different sources such as the medical team, employer and the car damage evaluator. These tasks will take some time for the insurance company to complete. That’s why, it is recommended to organize your documents and submit all of them so that the insurance company does not take more time to ask for more.

Agreement of the payment

It may be hard to believe but it is true that drafting the agreement for the payment may take more time. The insurance company will get the legal team working on creating the agreement. Making checks and their disbursal can delay the matter altogether. To get the updates on a regular basis, it is suggested to hire a personal injury lawyer beforehand.

The insurance company may reduce the amount for compensation. You need not accept the first offer they make. A good personal injury lawyer will help you in this case.

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